Choosing a spot camping

Tips on Tying a Hammock

​Hammocks are basically made of nylon or polyester material to provide safe and comfortable shelter to campers in the middle of outdoor expedition to enjoy the beauty and charm of Nature in a relaxed way.

These hanging cots can also be used as a rucksack to carry essential camping items like food, water bottle, gears, and equipment in a well-organized manner. The introduction of hammock has greatly reduced the expenditure and trouble of outdoor camping to a great extent which ultimately helps the backpackers to fully concentrate on their scheduled journey that normally involves selecting any least explored mountainous or hilly region.

These hanging beds are durable and can easily absorb moisture so as not to hamper or disturb your sleep at night. These suspended mattresses are an ideal camping companion in places having harsh environmental and weather conditions.

These hanging cots are also used to enjoy splendid summer season in the house lawns and other corners of the residential complexes. These cots are available in different colors which is why many households also use it for the purpose of indoor decoration.

typing a hammock

Hammocks always come with adjustable straps and cords to allow campers to smoothly and easily attach the end-points with trees, boulders and other natural objects at an optimum height above the ground.

You need to make sure that the distance between trees and straps should not be too great for that may cause inconvenience to the occupants during sleeping or resting hours. It has often been found that due to such mismatch, hammocks are unable to bear the load of the occupants and ultimately tumble on the hard surface ground.

To avoid such embarrassing circumstance, it is better to seek the advice of an experienced camper to obtain valuable guidelines on correctly determining the appropriate measurement of distance to attach the straps of your hammock with trees and other objects quite successfully.

It is equally important to ensure that the gap between every end-point of your hammock is been spread at an equal distance so as to disperse the body weight of the occupants quite easily while resting or sleeping.

No matter whether you want to include single or double hammock in the upcoming camping expedition, you must have to acquire the proper techniques to tie them with rope and other materials so as to spend the night comfortably inside it. There are certain factors must be taken into consideration before concentrating on the hammock tying techniques. These basically include the following:

Choosing a suitable spot

While planning any camping expedition, you must select such spots that are abundant with trees, stone boulders, cliffs and other natural objects. It will widen the scope to tie your hammock safely and conveniently high above the ground so as to enjoy the scenic beauty of the surrounding areas of the camping site in a relaxed manner in the middle of a lazy afternoon and evening. In such places, you need to make sure that the suspension angle is exactly close to 30 degrees and the ridgeline is completely tight after tying your hammock using rope or cords.

Choosing a spot camping

Assess the distance and condition of trees

It is your responsibility to ensure that the time and effort which you are putting to tie a hammock perfectly must not be wasted at all. For this reason you must thoroughly assess the conditions of the surrounding trees and also gauge the prescribed distance between them before preparing to hang hammock.

Never select trees that are very old and weak because they will not be able to withstand the pressure of your newly installed hammock involving the body weight of the occupants. At the same time, avoid selecting such trees which are not separated at an optimum distance of 12 to 15 feet apart.

Tying hammock at an unequal distance can cause injury to the occupants due to tumbling as a result of uneven distribution of weight. To avoid such unpleasant incident, you can use hammock calculator to obtain the exact measurement of distance and height to hang hammock successfully.

Using appropriate hanging hardware

Hammock tying also focuses on the use of proper fastening equipment because it is not possible to spend an entire day just on attaching any hammock perfectly with surrounding tree trunks or stone boulders. You also have to engage in other activities like collecting food, taking photos of the surrounding natural environment and many more.

The use of suitable equipment will not only reduce your time and effort but also provides you with the unlimited options to explore each and every corner of the camping spot in detail to come across fascinating wonders of Nature. You can take help of carabineers, tree straps and so on depending on your requirements and budget conditions.

Once you have been able to sort some of these essential issues, now you must focus on acquiring the appropriate tying lessons to make your upcoming camping expedition completely successful and joyous with the help of hammock. Using some of these tips, you can easily set up your hammock in the middle of a jungle or mountainous region without depriving from the pleasure of having a sound sleep after spending an entire day in tiresome journey.

These tips are normally for those campers who prefer to use rope while setting up a hammock in a secluded place. These normally include the following:

  • You must use a good quality rope to form a loop by bending it to over the trunk of the trees that are separated at a prescribed distance of 12 to 15 feet apart
  • Then you need to pull the each end of this loop until a tight knot is formed over the tree trunk in order to ensure solid gripping of the newly installed hammock
  • Just repeat this same process in other trees that lie in your opposite direction to complete the loop formation before attaching the end-points of your hammock.
  • Then you need to test strength of these newly formed attachments before resting your body inside the hammock.

There are many hammock learning platforms from where you can obtain more information on the appropriate tricks and tips to tie your hammock effectively. You can also acquire this lesson under the supervision of experienced hammock campers as well.

It requires lot of attention, sincerity, and dedication to acquire the actual hammock tying technique. It requires lot of practice otherwise you will fall into trouble in the middle of actual camping journey.

Depending on weather conditions and other environmental factors, you can introduce minor changes in the basic hammock tying techniques. For rainy days, you can utilize the concept of drip-line formation while tying the knot of your hammock to disperse the flow of rain water drops from the straps and chords of hammock.

You can also use bolts or screws to tie your hammock with trees without harming the trunks. There are many specially designed straps available in the market which can guarantee effective sealing of your hammock with trees and other natural objects. No matter which methods you adopt to tie the knot, just always assess the strength of the loop as well as that of the knot.

While tying the hammock just be sure that the upper portion is elevated at a higher angular position of around 30 inches in comparison to the bottom portion. At the same time, you must use hooks in order to fasten the attachment for tightly than ever so as to resist the impact of storm and heavy rainfall.

If you are not comfortable using rope then you can take help of other latest tying kits that are available in the market. During off-season, always scrutinize the conditions of straps, and cords otherwise you may get into trouble while camping in any secluded location.

Some hammocks feature built-in straps while for others you have buy straps separately. Using hammock, you can enjoy a lovely vacation in country of the world without booking hotels. It is quite ideal for people suffering with back-pain and that of insomnia.

Al ways opt for those places to tie your hammock, where you can obtain surplus view of the surrounding environment. For casual purposes like book reading or music listening, you can rely on hammock to provide you unbeatable satisfaction without involving extra money.

relaxing, book reading and more on a hammock

The actual joy of hanging above the ground surface can only be obtained when you focus on tying the loop knots properly at a suitable height on the tree trunk. You will automatically miss this unique hanging experience if you use hammock with artificial bars.

It is only a general hammock using straps and cords can provide you the real fun to experience the view of bright clear sky while spreading your body in a relaxed manner. If you are serious about achieving this natural experience then you must a lot of effort and hard work to acquire the trick of tying hammock. It is only then your camping expedition will be meaningful.

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