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Ten Reasons Why Hammocks are the Best for Camping Adventures

Best Camping hammock Relaxing and reading your book with a hammock

​Camping has emerged out to be a popular pastime of those people who are fond of spending holidays in the lap of nature. It is also appealing among those who love outdoor adventures that include exploring unknown routes along hilly terrains and forest regions.

But before you set out for the camping journey, you have to chalk out elaborate planning and to prepare lists for your essential journey belongings. The most essential one which no campers ever forget to include is hammock.

These are suspended mattresses which have turned out to be an ideal companion of backpackers and hikers. The reasons for its popularities are due to the following factors:

1. Affordable and lightweight

Compared to tents, the price of hammock is much lower and it is the reason why people with average budget can afford it easily.

Besides, these hanging shelters do not involve any sort of maintenance expenditure so in a way it is a one-time investment from your pocket.

Unlike tents, you are getting relief from bringing other relevant items like poles, stacks, ropes, hammer etc once you purchase hammock.

As this hanging couch is made of parachute nylon material, there is further reduction of weight upon your shoulder.

2. Easy to install

These suspended cots can be fixed easily without much physical effort. Most of these hammocks come with stretchable straps which you need to attach with the branches of trees in an opposite manner.

This will help in getting decent level of suspension high above the ground to provide maximum relaxation to the occupants.

Unlike tents, it takes much lesser time to wrap it up where you only need to unhook the straps from tree branches and stone boulders.

There are some hammocks which come with removable artificial stands which further make your camping experience pleasant with easy installation.

3. Offers unlimited option of spot selection

When it comes to tent camping, you always have to search for such spots that can provide sufficient space for installation. So in a way it restricts your choice of spot selection.

But with hammock, you can now select favorite spot for spending quality times to appreciate the natural beauty of the surrounding regions of hills and forests in absolute privacy.

You can now select deep and unexplored parts of forests, hills and desert regions without bothering about space and installation setup.

As these are now available with removable artificial stands so it further reduces your dependence on tree branch and stone boulders for appropriate installation to spend the night.

4. Ensures better sleeping experience to campers

Hammock camping comes with a guarantee of sound sleeping which is hard to be found in tent camping.

It is mainly because of its suspension high above the ground that you can lay your body inside the flexible mattress in a relaxed position without coming in touch with the hard ground surface.

Campers sleeping on hammock do have the chance to enjoy the open blowing wind and once they wake up they will feel fresh and rejuvenated. It is also ideal for people suffering from insomnia and back pain.

Sleeping experience in hammock is such that it takes months for people to become accustomed to bed sleeping again.

But very few people manage to give it up so it is the reason why people tend to sleep in hammock in bedroom even after the camping expedition.

Relaxing and Sleeping in Hammocks

5. Offers better protection from bugs, dust and mites

The main benefit of spending night inside hammock is that you will free from the attack of bugs and mites while sleeping. There are certain hammocks that contain zipped mechanism which will help you to wrap all your body parts like hands inside it completely.

Apart from that, sleeping over the hammock helps you to avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt into your face and mouth. At the same time, it helps you to avoid snake bites and to have comfortable sleep in a cozy atmosphere.

6. Helps to provide perfect view of natural surroundings

Hammock for Camping - Single & Double Hammocks - Top Rated Best Quality Gear For The Outdoors

For nature lover, hammock camping is the ideal way to know and feel the charm of nature more closely than ever before.

It is only when you relax inside the hammock that you tend to count the endless stars in the sky and appreciate the beauty of dark moonlit sky in a poetic manner.

Lying inside the hammock, you can view the surrounding green region of the hilly spots clearly which ultimately brings out the admirer of nature inside you. You will miss this experience if you opt for tent camping where everything is veiled and covered from your sight.

While sleeping on hammock, you get the open environment which helps you to watch the nature more closely than ever.

7. Enjoying the fresh flow of natural air

Once you get inside the hammock, you will experience the blow of fresh natural air without any hindrance. This will automatically make you feel asleep and to spend special moments with your loved ones.

Even reading book in such atmosphere of blowing wind can be your favorite pastimes. If you have nothing else to do then just spread your body inside and take deep breath of the fast blowing natural air.

8. Does not causes any harm to the environment

The use of hammock leaves no negative impact on the environment. As there is no chance of clearing bushes and shrubs so it is widely preferred among the campers who do not want to left behind any traces of environmental damage while camping outdoor.

With growing awareness regarding conservation of environment many people are now opt for hammocks which involve no burrowing or digging of soil surfaces or uprooting of grasses.

9. Prevent moisture and can withstand body weight easily

Another benefit of using hammock in the camping expedition is that you are spared from the trouble of sleeping on wet mattress during warm summer season.

As most of them are made of parachute nylon fabric so the absorption of moisture is pretty fast without leaving any traces during night sleep.

So you can sleep comfortably without coming into touch with wet condition. In addition to that, it has the capacity to withstand the physical weight of the occupant with perfect balance due to the angular suspension high above the ground.

For that, you need to fix up the hammock perfectly so as to balance the body weight of yours and that of your partner perfectly. Otherwise you may tumble into the ground and injury yourself.

10. Hammock comprises of all the features like that of tent

If you think that you are missing something then you are absolutely wrong. Those who proclaim that hammocks lack in certain aspects in comparison to tent they have think carefully what they are saying.

It is because hammocks are now coming out with mosquito nets, tarps, sleeping pads and mattresses etc to ensure total comfort of the occupants.

Along with these, you have the chance of adding quilts and blankets to prevent loss of heat from your body.

Believe it or not but with the entry of latest brands hammocks are now coming up with full proof arrangements for perfect accommodation to the occupants and thus compensating the loss of tents.

It is the main reason why people now prefer to invest their hard earned money on buying good quality hammock.


Though there is an overwhelming demand of hammock all over the world but tents continue to retain its own market position. It is because people are not all ready to give up the use of tent totally.

They still prefer using tent when they go out for camping with families and friends along with large group of people.

But using hammock is entirely a new experience. It brings about a fusion of bohemian adventurism which hard for any camper to resist easily. Hammock is mainly ideal for those who want to travel alone or with a partner to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature in absolute privacy.

These suspended cots are now coming out with various colorful designs and dimensions to meet the camping requirements of the people.

It is better to consult with the experienced backpacker to know in detail which brand of hammock is popular and can ensure long period of usage.

 Using hammock, you can spend lovely vacation in any part of the globe without incurring any expenditure on lodging and accommodation.

In one word, it saves your hard earned money from lodge booking and provides the cheapest yet safest means of accommodation in the lap of nature.

Besides, hammock will also help you to be in closer touch with the nature and enables you to get full view of the outdoor surroundings without any obstacle.

Whatever the shortcomings that can be expected from a hammock have been fully covered to help the campers in their outdoor expedition. No matter whether you set out for winter or summer camping, you cannot ignore hammock from your camping lists.

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