How to Stay Safe in Wilderness Camping

Stay Safe in Wilderness Camping

People often select the least unexplored corners around the earth as a part of their outdoor camping spots. But they seldom do homework before selecting such places. As a result, they remain aloof about the unknown challenges and situations that may lead to unpleasant outcomes at the middle of the camping journey. So before preparing for camping in any remote or least known place you must take care of following factors below:


No matter wherever you camp, it is hard to ignore the importance of weather conditions for adopting necessary precautionary measures. While choosing any spot in hilly region or in desert and jungle always try to obtain latest updates on weather forecasts from reliable sources.

On the basis of these insights, then plan your journey thoroughly with the inclusion of important tools. It is always better to avoid those places where you have no chance of getting accurate weather updates for your outdoor camping.

Disturbance of wild animals

Before packing your luggage, you must first confirm that the place where you will be spending your camping vacation is free from the intrusion of wild animals. Otherwise, you may fall into trouble that can lead to serious injury or death. There is no point to risk your life unnecessarily just for the fun of outdoor camping expeditions.

You must ensure that the place where you shall be fixing your tent is out of the ambit of animals like bear which apart from causing injury can eat all your stored food inside the camp. You can hold discussion with experienced backpackers to know about the tricks to keep wild animals away from your camp site.

Location of camping site

For avoiding trouble in the middle of the camping expedition, you must take into considerations certain factors thoroughly at the time of choosing the camping location. You must select such camping spot which is partly covered with tress or bushes.

So that you have the required space to fix your camping tent easily. It will also allow you in quick and easy escape during the occurrence of natural disaster like forest fire or to avoid the attack of any wild beast.

You must make sure that your designated spot can be accessible from all directions and it is situated close to any nearby village settlement. In case of any trouble, you can directly seek the help of the local forest people to escape from the disturbing situation easily.

Certain essential tips that must be followed to stay safe from wilderness during outdoor camping

Do not go for camping alone

Wherever you are planning to spend your camping vacation, it is better to involve as many people as you can. Though it will deprive you from the fun of enjoying the scenic beauty of the surrounding camp site alone but it is one of the safest options to keep you safe from wilderness.

It is quite essential to travel in a large group when the camping spot is least explored or you are going for camping for the first time. This will help you to handle the unexpected and uncomfortable situation during your journey time with the help of the other team members.

Together you and your team members can easily tackle any situation whether it is thwarting the attack of any wild animal or gathering food and water for the continuation of the journey.

Bringing of essential gears

While setting out for camping expeditions do not forget to carry essential items like compass, maps and GPS device. No matter whether you are an experienced backpacker or novice, the use of these items are essential for all camping tours.

These would assist you to keep in touch with your base camp while you are exploring the nearby regions of the camp site with your team members. With the help of these tools you can easily obtain the right direction for returning to the base camp without any chance of getting lost in oblivion.

Every team member must have walky talkie to remain in constant touch with one another while exploring separately. This will help them to ascertain the location of the lost members very easily.

Advance weather update

Irrespective of your camping destination, you must always try to obtain advance weather update even when you are in the middle of the journey. This will help you and your members to stay close together inside the tent with other precautionary makeshift arrangements.

Your GPS may not function properly due to lack of signal strength and in that case you have to thoroughly study the atmosphere of your camping spot in traditional ways. These mainly include observing the pattern of clouds, flow of wind and so on to frame your own idea of the weather to make your camping tour successful. It is better to consult with any experienced hiker on the mode of assessing weather conditions accurately using traditional methods.

Leaving symbols or depicting landmarks during the journey course

The most perfect way to avoid lost in wilderness is leaving various trails on your journey route when you are out for outdoor camping. You can leave your journey trials in the form of symbols, drawings and other mark of indications.

This will give sufficient idea to the search parties where you and your members have laid down the camping tents to spend vacation. You must paint as well as engrave such marking in tree barks, large boulders to be easily visible before the next group of travelers who will be looking for you and your team.

Besides, leaving of indication marks will also help you to locate the direction of the base camp easily. It will reduce your dependence to look for tribal help for reaching your camping site safely before the fall of night.

These are some of the tips or suggestions that will help you to enjoy the camping trip with maximum joy and enjoyment with the team members.


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