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Safest Ways to Enjoy the Experience of Backpacking and Camping During Severe Winter

backpacking and camping during the period of winter season

People are fond of backpacking and camping during the period of winter season. They want to enjoy the scenic beauties of snow capped mountains and hills through undertaking adventurous journey across the unexplored and challenging routes.

The trend is quite popular among college and varsity students along with people of diverse backgrounds.

But before involving in such adventurous journey it is better to be prepared for adverse circumstances otherwise you may fall into deep troubles at the middle of the journey.

No doubt that the winter is the most appropriate season for hiking or camping activities but it is also a fact that backpackers and hikers do experience much trouble and danger when there is significant drop in normal surface temperature.

In order enjoy the thrill and joy of backpacking and camping in safe and secured ways, you need to follow certain tips below:

Advance preparations to face the worst weather

Before you set out for the camping expedition, you need to have a through idea of the weather conditions of the specific hilly region where you are planning to start your camping expeditions.

Apart from assessing cold and snowy conditions, it is also important to chalk out contingency plans to deal with adverse climatic conditions like cloud cover, chilled blowing wind, and storm as well as of severely freezing temperatures.

It is better to consult with any experienced backpacker or local village people of the hilly region to get more accurate inputs of weather forecasts.

Based on these feedbacks, you can select the ideal spot for your camping activities without putting your team members into difficult and uncomfortable terrain.

The best place where you can gain much insight about weather condition is from mountain club.

There are plenty of mountain clubs in USA where you will receive much information about weather conditions apart from gaining skills for such expedition.

Bringing the appropriate camping gears to make your journey comfortable

Without the use of proper camping gears it will be very impossible for you to climb or walk along the snow covered mountainous routes comfortably.

You need to bring special type of snowshoes that will shed extra snow and allow you to comfortably place your steps in the snow powder without any scope of slipping.

It is better to opt for those snow shoes that are having large surface area that support maximum floatation.

When you are walking along the path of backcountry steep terrain, then alpine touring skis shall come handy for every backpackers and hikers.

They arrive with sturdy metal edges that facilitate in better control and turning in rough snow laden hilly surface. It is better to opt for longer skies to ensure faster movement with better floatation.

Retaining the heat inside your body to keep yourself warm and dry

Winter backpacking has also resulted in loss of lives of many promising hikers and trekkers.

The sole cause of such unfortunate death is because of hypothermia which results in dipping down of the body temperature when cold snow penetrates inside the body.

In order to prevent the lowering of body temperature along with heat loss you need to buy special layer of dry clothes which will not only prevent snow to come in contact of your body skin but will also dry quickly. These mainly include foot beds, boot lines, soggy clothes and so on.

You must place your tent in such location where you can directly absorb the heat of sun during daytime. To preserve heat during night time, you can take advantage of self inflating pads along with that of sleeping bags.

It is important that you must wear dry clothes when you are planning to sleep at night.

Wearing layered cloth is very useful for trapping the body heat from escaping the body. For that you need to use polypropylene clothes together with gloves and a sleeping hat.

Consuming the right kind of food and drink during the camping journey

When you are packing for winter camping, it is better to carry clean drinking water in sufficient quantities of liters.

This will reduce your dependence on natural snow melt water that has the bright chance of containing various types of impurities along with rock sediments and debris.

There is no problem in drinking cold water for that will keep you hydrated for most part of your journey. Never try to drink frozen water for that will affect your health in terms of cold, cough, sneezing and pneumonia.

At the same time, keep your water bottles inside sleeping bag and other inner regions of your luggage bag.

You can collect water by creating holes in the frozen lake or steam but thoroughly boil and water filter it before pouring into your mouth.

You must have sufficient food stocks for that will be the essential source of your body heat with the burning of calories.

You can bring fatty foods like whale blubber which is also consumed in many Arctic nations for effective production of body heat.

You can also opt for butter together with other edible items such as corn chips, pasta with olive oil and so on.

Before setting for the morning’s expedition you can have nice breakfast with granola bar, hot cocoa drink and oatmeal.

For lunch, you can turn up to menus like Gatorade, cookies, energy bars, dried fruits, cheese, jerky and crackers. After an exhaustive camping journey, you can look for bean soup and hearty veggie as the ideal dinner menu.

Whatever food dishes you choose, makes sure that there are sufficient source of fats in them.

Ideal means of accommodation to have a sound sleep in the midst of winter camping

Once you have determined to set out for winter backpacking, then you must have to arrange for alternative source of accommodation to protect yourself from chilled winds and snowfalls.

There are various types of winter tents available in the market which you can buy for your camping journey.

You must opt for the tent that will fit perfectly into the selected spot. It is better to buy synthetic tent to keep the inner atmosphere dry which will help you to retain your body heat really well.

You must fix tent in such a way that it can easily shed the fallen snow flakes easily from the rooftops without hampering your night sleep.

For maintaining heat in the interior you can use high powered lamp which will also help you to spend time inside the tent either through reading or merry making with your team partners.

For getting clear view of the sky, you can use hammock to have sound sleep along with protection from bugs and mites.

Sleeping over hammock is becoming a popular trend among the backpackers as they can have the opportunity to see the countless stars of the sky and enjoying the scenic beauty of mountain at night.

The major advantage of using such hanging couch is that its synthetic mattress can easily soak the body sweat and providing relief to the occupants to avoid sleeping in moist condition.

Apart from that it is also ideal for persons suffering from sleep deprivation or insomnia.

These hanging beds can also accommodate more than one person which ultimately reduces your expenditure of brining additional tent for your partners.

During the time of heavy snowfall you can easily wrap yourself up inside its mattress using the zip system. If you add self inflating pads and other pillow cover then the comfort shall be maximized.


These are some of the basic guidelines which every hiker and backpacker is following to have a safe and sound winter camping journey. Apart from these tricks, you have the chance to explore other tips that will suit you best.

Whatever options you choose it must be within the limit of your budget. There is no point in spending much money on booking hill resorts to enjoy the scenic view.

On the contrary, winter camping especially using hammock shall give you maximum joy to explore the beautiful and unexplored portion of hilly regions without creating much hole inside your pocket.

It is a perfect source of spending vacations with your family and friend while dealing with all odds cheerfully. When it comes to the task of body warming you can use warm water bottles to be wrapped inside the sleeping bag to have sound and warm sleep in the middle of open sky.

You can keep the pillow warm for the night sleep and for that you can perform the act of sits up which will help you in receiving the warmth at night.

Though it is a pleasant experience to have camping activities during winter but you never know when situation may turn worse.

It is for this reason that you need to work on alternative strategies to make your winter camping successful one. For more inputs you can visit certain well known sites of winter camping.



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