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Prescribed Guidelines for Choosing, Hanging and Staying Warm Inside a Hammock

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Hammock camping is becoming extremely popular among people who love to spend quality times in the lap of Nature in absolute privacy and far-away from busy city life. It has now become a favorite past time for the couples for sharing intimate moments surrounded by a lovely scenic background.

When it comes to a safe and comfortable outdoor camping using hammock, it is necessary to observe certain prescribed norms to make the camping expedition fruitful. This begins with the formulation of a practical and realistic plan that takes into consideration various factors before starting the outdoor journey with a hammock.

The very first and foremost issue that must be addressed before the journey is choosing the right type of hammock. At the present moment the market is flooded with different types of hammock models which not only increases the choice option of the buyers but also confusing them to a great extent. The problem is easy to solve if the campers follow certain well-defined yardsticks while buying these suspended mattresses from the market. These mainly include the following:

  • Comfort: While spending money on any hammock brand, the factor of comfort must be taken into consideration. There is no point in wasting your hard-earned money if you do not get comfort while sleeping in the hammock. Most of the people prefer this suspended cot to obtain highest level of comfort while sleeping above the surface level. Lack of comfort can halt your progress in outdoor journey and ultimately compels you to leave your journey in the mid-way.
  • Durability/ Protection: No matter whether you set out for camping in rainy season, frosty winter times or in any other favorable season, your hammock must have the capability to protect you from all troubles such as thunderstorm, high-speed chilly winds, bug bites and also from various other unpleasant factors. At the same time, it must also be able to withstand the physical weight of the occupants without loosening the suspension line. For all these requirements, it is better to opt for those hammocks that are made of materials like thinner fabrics of polyester and double parachute nylon clothes.
  • Simple to install: There is no point in putting money on such hammock brand if it does not provide attached cord or straps for completely wrapping the anchors. So it is essential to look for those brands whose hammocks are perfectly equipped with long and stretchable cord with light wires comprising carabineers for safe and hanging and preventing precipitation of rain water during heavy sky shower. It is better to buy hammocks that also offer artificial folding stands so that in the absence of boulders and trees there is no problem in fixing the open-air tent.

These are some of essential factors that must be considered while buying any hammock for outdoor trailing. The other important issue that needs to be addressed involves the ideal ways to hang a hammock in the midst of the camping trail.

For safe hanging it is better to angle the suspension rope of your hammock at a point around thirty degree while tying it around the tree or boulder for easy dispersion of body weight without tumbling the occupants below the hard surface. It is important to mention in this regard that spot selection also plays a vital role while hanging your hammock.

Hence it is better to select such unexplored location where you will find optimum height and distance to hang your hammock without putting pressure in the center. The ideal space distance for hanging any hammock is 10-15 feet and for hanging a spreader bar hammock there must be a gap of 13 feet.

There are many accessories that you can select for safe hanging of your hammock. The foremost among them is straps whose main benefit involves flexibility in terms of distance and is equally effective while attaching it with the artificial pole post. Hammocks can also be hanged using tree hooks without causing any harm to the tree at a decent angular position.

There are many hanging hardware items that can used for loose suspension of hammock within few seconds of installation. Campers have the option of tying knots in the form of continuous humble loop using good quality rope maintaining a proper distance from the ground.

After installing your hammock, you need to keep yourself warm and comfortable during cold winter seasons. For that purpose you can use self-inflating pads which are effective in restoring your body heat and prevents you from experiencing bite of the cold wind.

Then you can use reflective blanket which acts as an effective shield to restore thermal heat environment inside the hammock and prevents your body to come in touch with the frost chilly wind. It can be wrapped comfortably for ensuring maximum retention of heat inside your body.

Under-quilts offer another cheap option to keep yourself warm through hanging them below your hammock to acts as a barrier between blowing cold wind and that of your exposed body parts like legs and arms. These under-quilts must be hanged accurately as they also assist hammock in dispersing the body weight of the campers successfully.

You can keep small warm bottles wrapped up inside the hammock as it will help to obtain the warm temperature once you slipped inside the nylon mattress. Sleeping bags are quite useful while camping in high terrain of mountain. You can put them underneath of your mattress to enjoy a warm and comfortable sleep without shivering in cold wind.

These are some of the relevant issues that are often ignored by campers while basking in the joy of outdoor camping. But neglecting these factors can not only affect your health but can also prevent others mentally from undertaking further camping expeditions.

So far having an affordable and safe experience of camping, it is necessary that you take these factors into consideration while preparing for a hammock camping in a least explored region.

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