How to Keep Your Hammocks Light During Camping

Best hammock for your camping trips

Hammock camping is becoming increasingly popular among trekkers, hikers and backpackers. These hanging cots provide the most comfortable means of accommodation for the travelers during camping journey.

With the advent of these suspend cots, the luggage load of the backpackers has been reduced significantly. Previously, they had to be equipped with innumerable camping gears when the uses of ordinary camping tents were in full force.

Now due to these suspended mattresses, there is no need for the hikers to bear the brunt of separate backpack on their shoulders. These hammocks also perform the function of a rucksack in storing essential journey accessories.

But if you want to enjoy your hammock camping expedition with further loss of load weight then you can look for the following models below:

  • Ultra-light Models: When looking for a suitable hammock to accompany you during the journey, it is better to go for those models that are made of different types of light weight items with decent level of compactness. Buying such models offer the ideal option of ensuring light and fast backpacking tour without exerting much pressure on your spine. These hammock models are perfect for campers of all height and size along with that these models can also withstand various types of wears and tears during the on-going course of any camping tour.
  • Nylon Parachute Doubles: Hikers looking for additional space can invest money on such hammock models. Besides, it can also accommodate more than one people so if you are travelling with your partner then this model would do just fine. They arrive with additional width that provides maximum space to relax your body or spend intimate moment with your partner without including extra tent clothes into your backpack luggage. They are ideal for camping during winter season as well as in wet climatic regions. With these models, you will also have the chance of packing other essential items in an organized manner.
  • Backcountry/Expedition Models: When you are planning for hammock camping without putting much pressure on your back, then these models are ideal for the occasion. These are mainly prepared using high denier nylon and are packed with additional features like guy lines for creating additional space inside with bug nets.
  • Nylon Parachute Singles: If you are looking for hammocks which are not only light in weight but also durable, then think about these models first. They are quite durable with little stretch extent and are known for their level of good comfort. As a result, you will be quite happy to carry it for the camping trip without experiencing any sort of luggage load on your back.

For experiencing light weight hammock camping, it is not just enough to choose the appropriate models only. It is also equally important to bring only the useful camping tools and accessories leaving aside the non-essential items. These mainly include the following:

  • Use of sleeping pads: These are one of the cheapest options of light weight hammock camping. No matter whether you have set out for camping either in summer or winter season, these pads must have to be a part of your backpacking luggage to provide you surplus comfort inside the mattress of the hammock. These will provide nice rest to the head and are ideal for having sound asleep while relaxing your body in a state of suspension. Once you carry these pads, there is no need to include separate pillows like that in tent camping. Besides, they are quite light and can be compressed easily.
  • Undercover: It is another item that can be easily packed inside the hammock without putting much pressure inside the back. You may need these quilts to protect yourself from the bite of chilly blowing wind at the time of camping in hilly terrains. These are mainly obtained from harnessing synthetic materials and help to restore the heat inside your body. While relaxing in the hammock you can cover your body with it to keep yourself free from the bug bites.
  • Use of reflective blanket: It is a useful item which you cannot leave at home. This blanket will also exert little pressure on your back so there is no chance of getting overweight. It will help you to easily retain the body heat along with allowing you to make the inner mattress of the hammock warm for the night purpose. You can easily wrap your entire body with it to avoid penetration of snow inside your body skin with instant absorption of the body sweat.

There are other options that you can utilize to further down the weight of your hammock. The most prominent among them is touring as a team. These will give you the opportunity to hand over some of your essential items to the team members without packing them inside your hammock.

You must not engage in packing at the last moment for that will confuse you which ultimately results in the packing of non-essential tools as well. Always plan in advance so you have the time to carefully chalk the lists of useful items to be included during the journey.

At the same time, you need to become creative so that certain items can be prepared by you during the on-going journey course without putting much pressure on your spine.

These are some of the tips that can be of much use to you to keep the overall weight of the hammock light. It is better to consult any experienced backpacker to explore additional and cost effective ways of lowering the hammock weight during the journey.

You must buy hammock based on your height and size so that during journey there is no scope for extra burden back on your shoulder. It is better to shade your body fat a bit so that you do not feel much pressure while carrying the hammock on your back. There are plenty of hammock tutorial sites from where you can obtain more information about it.

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