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Important Hammock Knots for a Successful Outdoor Camping

Tie the knot

​Hammocks tend to be your ideal partner whether you are out on camping or trekking around the hills.

It will help you to relax your body for stress relief and to appreciate the beauty of nature. You can easily fix such hanging tent at a suitable height above the ground.

You just need to select a suitable spot where you can attach the rope knots of this tent at an ideal distance.

You have the chance of experimenting with various types of rope knots for enjoying the experience of this suspended tent. These mainly include the following below:

End Knots

It is tied in such manner that there is no scope of loosening the grip of your hammock tent. These are formed at the extreme end of the rope cut to prevent it from the chance of fraying.

This knot comes handy during the time of emergency and can be used in place of stopper knots.

They have been designed for blocking bitter end of any rope form to get slipped past the primary knot and are used for stopping the rope at a specific point during measurement or other purposes.


For making this knot, you have to develop a small-sized loop after leaving sufficient rope for an adequate size of this loop.

Then pass the last end of rope through this loop and continue around standing end before backing through this small loop.

It ultimately forms a fully secured loop with the end piece of any rope. It can be used for fastening mooring line to the post or a ring.

With its help, your hanging tent can easily endure your body weight and that of your partner.

This knot comes with different variations that are equally effective in providing you the most amazing camping experience.

Grapevine or Double Fisherman’s Bend

It comprises of 2 strangled knots each tied around another standing end. It is used for joining two ends of a rope line for forming Prusik Loop. It is also used for joining the ends of a climbing rope.

If you want to have a safe outdoor camping then this knot provides the perfect alternative.

Just make sure to check the attachment because if it is not tied perfectly then you can tumble from your suspended tent. Overall this knot is compact and is ideal to use during retrieving the abseil.

Driver’s/Trucker’s Hitch

Though it is known by different names in different regions but it offers the most suitable way of proper tying the ropes of any hammock.

For getting a decent mechanical advantage you have the option of double wrapping through bitter end of any rope.

Once wrapped thrice, the rope will have the power to hold and grab itself when you are engaged in completing half stitches.

It is mainly useful for withstanding the pressure of loads and that of tarps. So when you will be using tarps in your suspended tent, this knot can be helpful to succumb the pressure to help you relax safely.

Chain Sinnet

You just need to develop a noose in any rope to form the loops for tucking it inside this noose. Then again you have to form another loop for tucking into previous loop.

You need to repeat the process and when this rope chain is long enough then you need to pass the lower end through the final loop.

It can be used for adjusting the rope of your hammock at the time of fixing it depending on the circumstance.

It also prevents tangling of the rope during the time of climbing mountains. It requires a lot of skill to develop such knot.

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