Best Hammock for camping

Important Aspects that Can be Found in a Good Hammock for Camping Activities

​People are now showing increasing interest towards hammock camping. It is because hammock helps them to obtain thrilling joy and happiness in the scenic natural background while exploring unknown outdoor locations. It offers one of the safest means of accommodation in the open air sky and helps them to spread their body in a relaxed posture to enjoy the picturesque landscape of the surrounding area close to the camping spot.

Best hammock for camping trips

These hanging cots arrive with different shapes, sizes and other arrangements to fulfill the diverse needs of the campers. For correctly determining the good quality of a hammock, you just have to focus on certain essential aspects. These mainly include the following below:

Manufacturing raw materials

In the market nowadays you will come across wide range of trendy and designer hammocks that are put on display under the banner of different brands. Most of these are made of materials like silk and cotton due to which they are not suitable for your camping journey.

Purchasing such items will not only drain your hard earned money but will also make your camping expedition futile and gloomy. For having a perfect outdoor camping always looks for hammock which is made of nylon and polyester. Hammocks made of polyester and nylon fabrics offer certain benefits like:

Rapid moisture absorption

Hammocks which are made of polyester and nylon fabrics always ensure fast absorption of moisture at a faster rate that normally cause due to sweat and spilling of water inside the sag. Using nylon parachute hammock will help you to avoid sleeping wet sag bed during night time. But hammocks that are made of cotton, silk or other fabrics often take long time to become dry and fit for using again.

Ideal for withstanding physical weight

Nylon woven hammock can easily withstand the physical body weight of one or two occupants due to maximum stretchability. So you can easily sleep with your partner in the sag without tumbling into the hard ground surface. People who buy such hanging cots that are made of materials like cotton and silk often tumble down once setting in the sag due to low level of stretch with no way of dispersing the excess body weight from the center of gravity.

Cost of maintenance is low

Polyester or nylon hammock always comes with low maintenance cost as they never experience frequent wear and tear due to extensive camping journey. So there is no need to be bothered regarding stitching and other forms of repairing. People who have been using hammock made of silk or cotton fabric always complaints of frequent maintenance expenditure to keep them in good condition for future camping activities.

Coming with required suspension systems

No matter which company’s hammock you choose for your journey, make sure that it is fully equipped with proper suspension systems. Without proper suspension arrangements, it will become difficult for you to hang your hammock in a safe and secured way.

Accessories that come handy for accurate hammock suspension normally include webbing straps, carabineers, nylon ropes, synthetic made tree slings and others. These items significantly increase the flexibility and setup adjustability of your hammock in any type of trees that you select for hanging purpose.

Enough weight withstanding capacity

Hammock coming with additional fabric layer can easily enhance its physical weight bearing capacity around seventy five percent. It is the main reason why people are more inclined towards hammock made of double fabric layers of nylon and polyester.

This type of hammock is becoming popular among occupants having tall height with heavy body weight. Although single layered hammock can also disperse the body weight of the occupant but it cannot bear the load of more than one people at a time.

Protection from bug

Double layered hammock always offers effective protection from the attack of bugs, mites, mosquitoes and other harmful insects during sleeping or relaxing your body. It is because of the formation of double layers that the woven fabric develops no pores for the penetration of proboscis by these insects into your body to suck blood. It is for this reason that people are now becoming more inclined towards hammocks having double layered fabric.

Providing more comfort to the occupants

A double layered hammock always minimizes the impact of stretch to a permissible extent. So that you will never to encounter awkward situation while spreading your body inside the sag. There are people who are unable to withstand excess stretch and for this reason they opt for hammock with dual layer to minimize the impact of stretch once getting into the sag.

People who are having problems like insomnia must use double layered hammock to have sound sleep in dark outdoor locations. It will also help them to avoid joint pain and other body aches that they normally experience in sleeping over single layered suspended hammock.

Serving multiple purposes

Apart from a comfortable and secured means of accommodation, people also use hammock as it serves as a lightweight backpack to stock essential camping accessories and thereby saving money on buying rucksack.

It also helps you to place your accessories in exact order so that you can use them as per the journey conditions. Hammocks that are made of parachute nylon and polyester fabrics can easily accommodate your luggage without putting pressure or adding weight into your shoulder, spinal cord and hip.

It is because of this remarkable utility that people also use it for hiking and trailing activities as well. As these hanging cots are available in different colorful combinations, so you can also put them for interior decoration purpose to easily fetch the attention of your guests.

Supporting solid drip-line system

A well-made hammock always support good drip-line suspension to prevent the flow of rain water inside your nylon fabric sag during heavy rainy season. If your purchased hammock lacks effective drip-line mechanism then never steps out for outdoor camping during rainy and winter season.

You need to make sure that your hammock comes with carabineers that form the essential part of the drip-line mechanism. It is better to perform a thorough trial before the final purchase otherwise you may deprive of having comfortable sleep during night hours in the event of heavy outdoor rainy season.

Can be easily installed using artificial frame or stand

People now prefer to use artificial folding stand or frame for hanging hammock with proper angle of suspension above the surface ground. The use of artificial folding stand greatly reduces your dependence on stone boulders, trees and other natural hanging objects during your outdoor camping journey.

As a result, you can easily select the camping spot of your choice and convenience without concerning a bit about the hanging options. So while buying hammock make sure that it can easily be fixed using the artificial stand without compromising on the perspective of the basic suspension angle.

Here also you must opt for the suspending cots that are made of nylon and polyester fabrics to enjoy higher level of stretchability while hanging it using artificial stand. Whereas those made of cotton or silk do not offer maximum stretchability when attached with artificial standing frame.

These are some of the basic well-defined aspects that you must take into consideration while buying good quality hammock. Ignoring any of these aspects or features can put in tremendous trouble during the middle of your camping journey.

Apart from going through these above mentioned points, you must consult with experienced camper when it comes to buying good quality hammocks at suitable prices. There is no point in spending money on hammocks that are not suitable to withstand harsh weather and climatic conditions.

At the same moment, you must follow the basic rules of hammock suspension and always follow the 30 degree norm of elevating the suspension angle of your hammock. You need to become a bit selective when it comes for choosing the right camping spot.

Make sure it is full of sufficient amount of trees so as to allow you hang your hammock using special webbing straps and other supporting accessories. Although you have the liberty to select hammock as per your favorite design but it must not lack essential features and functionality for which you are spending money.


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