How to hang an ENO hammock in an indoor and/or outdoor

How to Hang an ENO Hammock in an Indoor Outdoor Camping Adventure

ENO or Eagles Nest Outfitters is a reputed hammock brand. People usually prefer to buy hammocks of this brand for outdoor and indoor camping. But a successful hammock camping also depends on following proper suspension techniques. Those who want to set out for outdoor camping with hammocks must thoroughly follow these hanging tips below:

Method 1: Hanging Your Hammock with Slap Straps

1. Choosing trees located at a distance about 12 feet

For ensuring balanced and secured suspension of your ENO hammock, you have to select such spot where you can spot 2 young trees that are separated at the distance of around 10 to 12 feet for dispersing the suspension stretch. But make sure, that the trees you are choosing must be healthy and alive with strong bark. Here you need to follow certain norms so that you have no problem while hanging your hammock using slap straps. These are:

  • Avoid choosing trees that are less than 12 feet apart because that can reduce the elevation level of your ENO hammock from the ground surface. It can also make your hammock unable to disperse the physical weight of the occupants.
  • It is better to have a thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations of the natural area where you have decided to fix your hammock. Sometimes, forest authorities do prescribe certain norms for hammock hanging keeping health of the trees into consideration.

2. Wrapping of slap straps in every tree

After selecting the favorable spot, your first task involves taking out these straps from your backpack and fix them firmly into the camping trees. These straps must cover the trunk portion of these trees and must be attached at a level of around five feet from the surface ground. You can easily do it in the following ways:

  • For guaranteeing strong attachment with slap straps, you have to wrap them around trunk of a tree through holding the end portions of these straps in your each hand. You need to thread from one end to another end of the loop before pulling them to ensure the tightness around the tree trunk.
  • You can also strap made of rope instead of the slap straps of ENO. But that will not guarantee the same level of tightness and safety like that of the slap strap of Eagle Nest Outfitters.

3. Attaching your hammock with the straps

Then you have to tie your ENO hammock between trees by using the pre-attached carabiners in every end of an ENO hammock. You just need to slip them into any of the five loops of your choice. These adjustable loops do play an important role in adjusting the favorable height of your hammock. You can either go for the lower or higher loop depending on your preferred hammock height above the ground level.

4. Testing the suspension of your Hammock

Once you have successfully installed the ENO hammock, you need to test its stamina through slowly putting your weight in the sack. For determining the proper suspension height, you need to seat and then spread your body inside the hammock. If you notice that your body is coming closer to the ground, then you need to adjust the suspension height instantly.

Method 2: Hanging Hammock Using Stand or Hanging Kit in indoor locations

If you do not want to miss the joy of hammock camping inside your house then you have to follow specific hanging tips mentioned below:

1. Finding two hardy outdoor and indoor structures for hanging kit

Now you have the chance of installing hammock permanently in any part of your house with the help of special hanging kits. But for that you have to bring two hardy structures made of quality wooden materials.

For fixing your hammock, the distance between these two wooden structures must be around 112 inches. So that you have the chance of tying the anchors of your hammock at an optimal height of around 50 inches above the ground surface.

It is important to mention in this context that the hanging accessories of ENO are mainly prescribed for wooden structures. If you want to suspend hammock using other structures then you have to arrange for separate fittings and screws that are appropriate for such materials.

2. Hanging hammock using walls

Many people also like to install hammock through exploiting the room walls with the help of kits like nail and hammer. But for that you need to look for such spot in your wall where the impact of vibration and sound are quite low. Just select the spots in your wall where you can feel such similar impact.

After that, mark the elevation level of your hammock from the ground surface using pencil. Then start the drilling work in those marked spots for creating holes in a central position. Drill those spots till 3 inches for creating holes in order to attach the steel carabineers, lag screws and anchors.

You can use socket driver or wrench to ensure strong tightness of these hardware accessories inside the wall. Then you can hang your hammock using the steel carabineers of ENO for guaranteeing proper connectivity with the attached anchors of the wall.

hanging a hammock with hanging kit

3. Hanging your ENO Hammock using stand

People who do not want to damage their house walls or having space shortages can purchase hammocks that comprise of self-folding stands. It is becoming one of the cheapest options of hammock installation inside the house. These stands do come with multiple color options to choose from. Besides, it also allows owners to wrap up the hammock when it is not used.

These are some of the basic hanging steps that are needed to be followed by everyone while planning for a camping using ENO hammock. People who want to explore other ways of safe and secured hammock hanging can look for other methods as well. It cannot be denied that success of your camping ultimately rests on appropriate hanging of the hammock.

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