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Exploring Opportunities to Have a Comfortable Hammock Camping in Natural Environment

Camping in Pares Hammocks

Selection of camping site

To get the best out of your camping experience it is important to select the ideal destination where you can tie your hammock with ease. It is this location which shall determine your comfort while living in this hanging tent.

When you are camping in forest area, always choose the perfect location where you shall have the option to select two trees without any undergrowth problem and obstructing branches. It is better to opt for trees that are separated thirteen feet apart than trees that are separated eighteen feet apart.

It is because trees located at a minimal distance require less strap or rope which ultimately reduces sag and stretch. Apart from hanging, site selection is also essential to escape from unbearable cold and summer heat.

During winter, you can select trees with the north-south axis to protect yourself from the bites of chill wind. At summer season, choose trees with the axis of east-west combination. This will help you in getting the flow of cool air breeze once you put your head in the westward direction.

Techniques of fixing the Hammock

You must first try to locate the actual position of centering during its installation in between trees. If there is a difference in length between either ends of the rope then there shall be the chance of stretching in different rates.

This centering minimizes the scope of guessing stretch and helps in easy installation of the hanging tent at a sufficient level of height. It will also help your hammock to disperse your physical weight for offering you secure camping experience.

You will not tumble from this tent if the centering is being done properly. If you are compelled to hang un-centered hammock then try to fix it one inch lower below the optimal height. You can make use of different knotting techniques so that the tent can withstand the body load of your partner as well. For tying an appropriate knot, it is necessary to mark the specific end points of the rope properly.

Feathering Your Nest

For enjoying comfortable bedding experience inside the hammock, you can use self-inflating pad and mattress to have a comforting sleep. These pads will keep the inside warm and offer you cushion like feeling when you are in relaxing posture.

These items are normally made of parachute nylon and so can get dry instantly. So they also give you relief from sleeping in moist mattresses during the time of hot summer season. They are quite soft and compressed and hence provide you enough places to sleep properly.

Along with it, you can use sleeping bags to wrap yourself completely to avoid dust mites and mosquitoes sitting on your face. These bags are available in compressed format as well to make your camping experience a truly memorable moment of your life.


Installation of under-quilt in hammock

First you need to gently hang this under-quilt beneath this hanging tent using the suspension system of mini-carabiner and shock absorbent cord. These non-fixed cords enable you to adjust the height of hanging these quilts as per your requirements.

You need to hang them gently to avoid any wear and tear. Then you need to slide these suspension cords along the end cords of hammock until it hangs loosely beneath your tent. You have to ensure that the stretch of this hanging tent is not at all affected due to the installation of under-quilts.

This can be effectively achieved with the wise utilization of the side loops. Just make sure that it does not add much pressure on your hammock at the time of adjusting the loops of the under-quilts.

Tricks to survive the cold weather while sleeping in a hammock

When you are expecting dipping of temperature below forty degrees then cover yourself with the under-quilts uniformly. You must ensure that no portion of your body is out of these quilts else you have to endure the bites of chilly wind.

Since it is made of nylon layer it ensures that your body does not lose body heat so easily. If it is insufficient to reduce your problem then use additional blankets or dry leaves between your tent and under-quilts. You can also use inflating pads for that purpose.

But you must place them beneath your body because once you place it between hammock and under-quilts there is the chance of the formation of cold spots and air gaps. Another alternative way to escape from the cold winter is through reducing the sleeping area of your loosely suspended tent bed to prevent escape of warm temperature.

It can be easily achieved if you don't tie out the corners of the asymmetric side. If you are much concerned about the penetration of cold air from entrance slit, then the ideal way to tackle it is through closing the slit of under-quilts.
There is another alternative which you can follow to escape from the trouble of cold wind at night. Once you have selected any specific spot for installing the suspended, the first thing that you need to do is to hang your under-quilt.

This will provide it the opportunity to accumulate heat from the sunlight before you are getting inside it. Once you slipped inside this quilt, you will automatically feel the warm comfort without any disturbance.

Tricks to survive the warm weather inside hammock

When you are preparing for hammock camping during the summer season, you need to take various precautions for certain reasons. The most pressing among them is avoiding mosquito bites and penetration of dust mites. These two factors are enough to disturb your night sleep along with unbearable hot temperature.

To skip those problems, you need to bring thin under quilts and blankets. These would not only prevent you from bugs and insects but will also absorb your sweat instantly so that you do not have to sleep on the wet mattress. Besides, they allow free passage of air to breathe properly during night sleep.

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