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Demarcation of Relevant Tricks for a Safe Hammock Camping During Winter Season

Safe Hammock Camping During Winter Season

Hammock camping is increasingly becoming popular among backpackers and trekkers. It is among the most suitable alternatives for general tents as it occupies limited luggage space during the time of your backpacking.

It cannot be denied that camping is full of excitement and fun, but due to various limitations, many travelers are finding it relevant to buy hammock instead. No doubt that you might have yourself experienced some of these problems and are eager to know the secret of a safe hammock camping during the period of winter.

Previously, the hammock was used to be an essential accessory for camping as it allows you to sleep under the open sky outside your tent. But now a good quality hammock is enough for your successful camping along with other relevant items.

However, if you haven’t experienced hammock camping, then you should follow certain specific guidelines for enjoying a delightful time during the winter season. These mainly include:

Wise selection of camping spot

As hammock is used for sleeping in the open sky, you must select a spot that is amidst dense forest or boulder rocks. This will enable you to properly hang your hammock for having sound sleep under the protective covering of long trees and its branches.

Such natural blanket shall check the penetration of chilly winds and bright sunlight to hamper your sleep in the lap of nature. It is better that you first evaluate the camping spot before preparing for hammock camping. Conducting and advance survey makes your task much easier to have a great time camping.

Use of webbing straps on trees

It is ideal to use the webbing straps of polypropylene or polyester for hanging your hammock to a decent height from ground. These straps will also help you to disperse your body weight at the time of sleeping and can reduce the extent of damage to the tree that you are using for tying up your hammock.

So there is no scope of falling when you are in deep sleep as these straps will easily divert your body weight in different directions. Besides, it will be much more useful if your hammock contains a higher level of stretching capability that can endure body weight without tearing the fabric.

Use of Under-quilts for inside wrapping

You can bring under-quilts for hammock camping. These lightweight accessories can serve as an effective barrier to chilly winds and can offer you insulation during your sleep in the open sky environment.

These under-quilts are available in various sizes, shapes and attachments to suit your camping requirements to the fullest. It is recommended that you wrap yourself completely to stay protected from the bites of chilly winds and moisture. You can use zipped under-quilts as it will further act as a protective barrier to prevent penetration of bugs and insects.

CCF Pads

Fox Outfitters Comfort Series Self Inflating Camp PadThese pads are very popular as they help to cover and block the leakage of your hammock. It ensures that you do not feel the pinch of bug bites and cold during the night. They are available in various forms and are made of foam to be used as a safe bedding alternative in your hammock. They do not get punctured easily and are preferred than other mats.

Pillow Protector

Despite the fact that you will wrap your head by the under-quilts, it is better if you bring a pillow that will form an additional barrier between your head and the nylon layered quilts. It will help you to sleep comfortably without experiencing any sag on your head side. You will be getting solid support to have a comfortable sleep with the help of this pillow.

Use of Tarp for trapping the warmth

During winters tarp will be great to use as it will make you warm while sleeping in the hammock. These are available in various shades and can also offer a protective covering to your head. It prevents the escape of body heat so that you can enjoy the experience of staying in the hammock. It can be easily attached with your hammock without loosening the grip of the straps.

Inflating mats for forming additional protective bed option

Apart from using under-quilts, you can also include inflating mats for keeping you warm when temperatures dip below normal. These mats also help you to sleep comfortably without experiencing the bitter cold. They are available in various sizes and can be easily placed in the hammock as a comfortable bedding blanket. At the time of purchasing, just make sure that these mats do not contain pores or holes otherwise you will not get the required benefits.

Use of hot bottles as an alternative way of keeping warm in hammock

If you are not satisfied with your quilts and tarp, then you can obviously try this out. You just need to warm your bottles and then wrap these hot bottles carefully in your socks. Then place these socks wrapped bottles near the sleeping pillow while preparing to sleep at night.

Make sure, it must not be too hot to burn your skin instead. During winters, places like Alaska witness the significant drop in temperatures. To combat the problem, this method provides an ideal solution.


Despite its wide popularity, hammock camping also comes with its flaws. It will be difficult for you to set up hammock if the camping spot contains no plants or rock cliffs to attach the straps. However, enthusiastic trekkers are ready to rely on them as it provides the most exciting option to camp in remote areas in the lap of nature and remain safe as well as secured.

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