How to Camp Responsibly to Avoid Wildfires

How to Camp Responsibly to Avoid Wildfires

​Camping is becoming a popular outdoor activity among people of all ages. It helps them not only to come into close contact with Nature but also enables them to acquire sound health through undertaking rigorous journeys across the rocky routes and forest covered terrains.

At the same time, it also involves encountering wide range of adverse situations like severe weather disturbances, animal attacks and wildfire disaster that can put the life of campers into great risks.

Although people are careful enough to deal with the problems of bad weather and animal attacks but they continue to ignore the danger of wildfire.

So when you are preparing for camping, never ignores the factor of wildfire for your own safety and also that of you team members.

Causes of wildfire

Wild fires which is most commonly known as forest fires can be caused either due to the natural friction of the branches of several trees in a forest or because of careless burning of waste materials or debris which ultimately engulfs the whole forests and its creatures into the flames of fire due to heavy blowing wind.

Recent study suggests that ninety percent of the incidents of wildfire are due to careless human activities that involve setting up of campfires and burning of waste materials.

Other factors that contribute to this disaster include emission of fire sparks from grinding and wielding equipments, discarded smoking stuffs, arson and exhaust systems of the vehicles.

avoiding wildfires during camping expedition

Measures that are needed to be followed for avoiding wildfires during camping expedition

As most of the cases of wildfire are because of reckless human activities, so you need to put some restraints while lighting up the campfire.

It cannot be denied that campfire constitutes an integral part of the outdoor camping experience without which the joy of setting up camp in a secluded location remains incomplete.

Besides, it offers the only alternative to boil water and warming of food items. But you need to remember that kindling of campfire also ushers with lot of responsibilities as well for making your camping trip quite safe and interesting.

So next time, when you lit the camp fire just follow these guidelines mentioned below:

Never left your campfire unattended

After setting up the campfire, you must not left it totally unattended for that can lead to quick spreading of the fire due to heavy blowing of wind or mild breeze which will ultimately engulf your tents and that of your team members.

Always keep a close watch to it or in case you have to go somewhere asks your team member to supervise the rising flames of the campfires to prevent any sort of awkward incidents during the middle of your journey.

Selection of spot without overhanging branches of trees

Selection of spot for your campfire

You must look for such camping spot where you can not only safely set up the tents but can also light up the campfires in the absence of overhanging or loosely suspended branches of trees.

Hanging tree branches do have the chance to instantly catch up the rising fire flames of the campfire which will ultimately result into catastrophic incident of wildfire across the region.

In case you do not have much option of spot selection then just try to cut the loosely hanged branches for that will somehow minimize the scope of wildfire and other unpleasant incidents.

So while you set out for camping next time do not forget to bring axes and other tree cutting equipments which always come for relief in such scenario.

Using these equipments you can clear off trees surrounding your camping spot for safe lighting of the camp fire.

Avoid burning pressurized containers and aerosol cans

Once you settle down to your camp do not try to use aerosol cans and other pressurized containers for setting up the campfire.

This will cause tremendous explosion that can set the entire forest into fire and can cause you and to your team members severe burning injury.

Always gather natural wood pieces and dry leaves to light up the flames of the camping fire. People often commit such mistake which not only put their life into great danger but also severely damages the environment in the form of unrestrained wildfires.

Pouring of enough water on the campfire place

Once you wrap up your tents and other belongings for moving towards another direction do not forget to pour enough drop of water into the spot of campfire.

Failing to completely extinguish the suppressed fire of the ashes can lead to the destruction of the greenish environment in the form of forest fire.

So you must continue dropping enough water into the ash pits of the campfire site till the stopping of the hissing sound.

In case of water shortage you can use dirt or sand to cool of the ashes completely for blocking the scope of catching of fire in the forest.

Use of stove as an ideal alternative to campfire

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Prevention is always better than cure and this universal principle applies in case of campfire also. Instead of setting up the campfire which always comes with great risk of fire catching, you can use small stoves that are specially designed for outdoor camping journeys.

Use of such stoves will help you to boil water and to cook food without any difficulty. After using for different cooking and boiling purposes, you can turn off the knobs of such stoves easily and can get down to the sleep peacefully.

If you are travelling alone then it is better to go for the small stove than setting up the campfire. Besides, campfire needs lot of supervision which your partner may not like while spending romantic vacation with you.

Advance weather updates

As you guys are aware of the fact that Nature is also responsible for the catastrophic phenomenon of forest fire so it is better to have advance weather update while selecting any special region for your camping activities.

You can be in touch with the Meteorological Department to gather information about the possibility of heavy storm, outbreak of tornadoes or other adverse weather conditions to your designated camping spot for adequate safeguard against the wildfire.

Apart from bad weather, seasons and higher level of temperature also play a great role in the formation of forest fire.

Based on these inputs you can finally decide whether to include such places into your outdoor camping lists or not.

Set up the campfire at a faraway distance from the tent

People often mistakenly choose the nearby camping area to light up campfire which can lead to adverse impacts like burning of the tents or catching the jungles into fire.

Always maintain a sufficient distance from your tent area while setting up the campfire for that will prevent the instant spread of fire into your tents and thus keep your family and friends safe.

At the same time, it is better to use tents made of parachute nylon fabric for that will minimize the chance of catching fire instantly.

Use of existing fire rings

For controlling the level of campfire to a permissible limit there is no better alternative to a fire ring.

Using it will lead to reduction in height of the fire from the ground level to reduce the danger of fire catching.

You must install fire rings of durable metals like iron which can withstand high temperature of the fire and that same moment lowers its depth to cause potential damage.

Use such similar ring for your next camping as well to prevent damage of the environment.


These are the measure that can help you to a great way to avoid wildfire during your camping journey.

However, you are also required to make sure that you are following the legal norms that are often forwarded by forest department to the prospective campers for the purpose of avoiding forest fire.

You must control your activities at the time of camping in secluded place which involves burning of waste products, formation of campfire and so on.

In case you fall in the middle of wildfire then do not get panic and try to protect yourself as possible as you can.

You have the chance to opt for an open space region that contains no traces of trees or bushes which will be beneficial to avoid the harmful burning impact as fire will unable to spread in the absence of tree branches.

It is your responsibility to clear nearby debris to prevent yourself from the clutches of forest fire. If it is too late then it is better to cover your entire body with non synthetic clothes to escape from the impact of burning.

It is better to establish your camp in nearby village areas to get timely help in the form of advance warning during event of sudden wildfire.

Finally always desert your camping spot after fully extinguishing the campfire otherwise the entire forest with you can be engulfed in the lethal flames.


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