10 the Best Two Person Hammock for Your Trips in 2019

two persons hammock for camping

As an avid backpacker, you never let go of an opportunity to explore the vast countryside come rain or shine. At the end of a grueling day of trudging up the mountains or slogging your way through the forests, you look forward to putting your feet up in your favorite hammock which is inevitably the first item you pack in the rucksack. 

To complete your backpacking kit, we've also written about a list 10 best two person hammock on the market to help you choose the right one.

Bear Butt Lightweight Double Camping Parachute Hammock-Large, Portable Two-Person Hammock for Hiking & Backpacking - 16 colors available

Bear Butt Lightweight Double Camping Parachute Hammock-Large, Portable Two-Person Hammock for Hiking & Backpacking - 16 colors available

This suspended cot can help you to obtain relief from the problem of back and shoulder pain as it can easily withstand the overall load capacity of 500 lbs. It can easily accommodate 2 people without experiencing wear and tear. It is compact, small, super lightweight and can be smoothly set up.

Bear Butt Lightweight Double Camping Parachute Hammock-Large, Portable Two-Person Hammock

This suspended mattress features pure nylon sack that can easily absorb sweat and moisture very easily. This sack helps you to obtain surplus comfort and warmth during reading, sleeping, resting, chilling, and hanging. This product can be your ideal journey partner in the harsh weather conditions.

The Bear Butt Double Parachute Camping Hammock is designed to hang comfortably between two trees, posts, or poles


  • This camping hammock is pretty light and compact to be used in trekking and hiking
  • It is made of genuine and smooth nylon sack to absorb moisture and sweat very easily and instantly
  • The product features a solid triple stitching to easily withstand the body weight of two people
  • The hammock features a durable separate rope to ensure instant set-up and wrapping
  • It comes with the ability to bear load capacity of 500 pounds to offer relief from over-burden.


  • The stuff sack cannot provide satisfactory comfort without the support of sleeping pad
  • Ropes are not so long and often requires the help of straps to achieve the required suspension angle

The HangEasy Portable Camping Hammock - Free Premium Adjustable Hanging Straps & Ultralight Carabiners. Tear Resistant Parachute Nylon. Large Double Size

It is an extremely portable, lightweight hammock with compact size. It is ideal to be used in hiking, backpacking, camping, and other outdoor purposes. It can easily accommodate two people to offer them a comfortable and nice sleep at night. Featuring the compressed stuff sack, this hammock can be used to obtain a convenient size during backpacking.

Perfect hammock for camping, backpacking, hiking, hanging out on college campus, and more-free hammock strap included

The entire product is made of breathable ripstop nylon grade of 210T that can provide good comfort and protection to your delicate skin from the impact of tears and stretch. It can easily bear the weight capacity of 400 pounds and offers durable and lightweight carabineers with no pointed edges.



  • The hammock provides full-proof comfort and protection in all weather conditions
  • It can easily accommodate 2 adults and can also be used as a lounge
  • It is made of premium nylon material to provide utmost comfort and protection to the skin
  • The product features top-notch carabineers that do not come with pointed edges
  • It can be availed by the average people due to affordable price


  • The hammock fails to provide protection from the bug bites
  • The steel carabineers always induct much pressure into the hammock

Legit Camping - Double Hammock - Lightweight Parachute Portable Hammocks

This product has got everything that you need to obtain a surplus comfort and rest after a daylong hiking and camping expedition in any part of the world. This hanging cot is quite spacious, lightweight, and can bear load capacity of 400 lbs.

It arrives with eco-friendly straps, cushioned sleeping bag, rope, and bulky pad with the stuffy nylon sack. It is a perfect travel companion during the harsh winter season, torrential rainy days, and so on.

Legit Camping Double Hammock - Lightweight Parachute Portable Hammocks for Hiking, Travel, Backpacking


  • It is made of top-notch nylon fabric and is ideal to be used in the rough weather conditions
  • The hammock is very lightweight and offers relief from severe back and shoulder pain as it can withstand physical weight of 400 pounds
  • It is quite spacious that comes handy in keeping essential camping accessories
  • It can easily accommodate more than 1 people without experiencing any pressure
  • The product comes with a lifetime warranty to provide satisfactory service standard in all situations


  • It is unable to offer perfect accommodation to the occupants with uneven bodyweight
  • The product does not deliver standard insulation performance to retain the body heat of the campers during cold.

Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock (Royal Blue)

​If you’re in the market to buy a hammock for the first time, then you can invest your hard-earned money on the Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock. It is a lightweight hammock from Grand Trunk that is popular with first-time users.

Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock

The hammock which has been embroidered out of polyester material may not be as comfy as other models sewn out of nylon fabric. The toughened karabiners having S-shape help in stretching the hammock in a stable manner.

Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock |Starter Hammock | Portable Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, and Travel Hammock (Blue)


  • Stitched from cent per cent imported polyester
  • Can be used as a sleeping pad in cold climes
  • The polyester fabric has seams that are triple-stitched which boosts up the robustness of the product
  • The S-styled hooks allow for stable hanging off the hammock
  • The fabric is mildew-resistant
  • The quality of the material enables machine washing thereby letting you keep it perfectly clean


  • The product might develop tears if used extensively by weighty or bulky individuals
  • The S-hooks or karabiners might come off or get bent in the long run

Eagles Nest Outfitters ENO DoubleNest Hammock, Portable Hammock for Two

If you’re passionate about hiking or camping outdoors, then the ENO DoubleNest is the ideal hammock to settle for in order to unwind at the end of an exhausting day. It is a very spacious hammock that has room enough to accommodate two persons conveniently. 

The DoubleNest is versatile, durable, and compact, making it perfect for camping, hiking, or lounging around with a friend.

The extremely tenacious nylon taffeta coupled with the triple interlocking embroidery enables the hammock to support persons weighing up to 400lbs. The karabiners fashioned out of aluminum wire gate helps in tethering the hammock to boat masts, poles, and trees.

Eagles Nest Outfitters ENO DoubleNest Hammock-Perfect to relax in after a long day


  • Very lightweight weighing just 19oz
  • Very spacious with dimensions of 112 x 74 inches
  • Made from breathable, tenacious nylon taffeta rendering it extremely hardy
  • Triple interlocked sewing adds to the hardness of the product
  • Suitable for multifarious use


  • May not hold very hefty individuals when used continuously and repeatedly
  • The karabiners may not attach firmly to all kinds of support

Kammok Roo Double Camping Hammock

If you want to stretch yourself out and loosen up after hiking up a steep mountain slope or walking miles to reach the glade in a forest, then you don’t need to look beyond the KAMMOK ROO.

This hammock from KAMMOK ROO is, without a doubt, one of the biggest, sturdiest, and most comfortable hanging couch that you can lay your hands on. The hammock is sizable enough to fit in two persons (with a combined weight not exceeding 500lbs) easily.

KAMMOK Roo Camping Hammock (Gold Coast) - The World's Best Camping Hammock


  • Stitched out of Kammok’s signature diamond ripstop LunarWave nylon material making the product highly durable, lightweight, breathable, and resistant to tear
  • Can be compacted to a very small size which helps in packing
  • Kanga Claw karabiners and Racer slings thereby aiding in strapping
  • Can comfortably support two individuals


  • The hard-wearing quality of the fabric makes the hammock somewhat hefty to carry
  • Expensive, compared to other daytime hammocks

Outpost Double/Single Camping Hammock With 11’ Tree Straps - 100% Parachute Nylon - Cinch Buckle Design, No Knots Required

​This hammock is 11 feet long and is quite longest in comparison to other hanging cots. It features a top-class lite speed suspension mechanism which is really fast, infinitely adjustable and strong. 

It arrives with a stretch resistant polyester straps with the rolled steel cinch buckle to adjust the height very smoothly. The entire product is made of the high-quality nylon parachute fabric of 70D grade. It is quite compact and lightweight to be packed easily.

Outpost Double/Single Camping Hammock With 11’ Tree Straps - Easiest Hammock To Hang


  • The hammock is made of durable and strong nylon fabric materials to absorb moisture and wet very easily
  • Can be spread at any angular position due to its highest length of 11feet
  • It offers greater amount of flexibility and adjustment to the campers during installation
  • It comes with a spacious sack stuff to store essential camping items
  • The product features stretch free straps to ensure solid gripping and support


  • It can tumble the occupants once the overall bodyweight exceeds 400 lbs
  • The buckle cinch sometimes do not work properly due to lack of maintenance

Double Camping Hammock- Best Lightweight & Portable Two Person Hammock Set –Aluminum Wiregate Carabiners

This suspended bed has been prepared from the top-notch weather resistant nylon fabric of 210T grade that features the triple interlocked stitched seams.

It can easily bear the overall weight capacity of 450 pounds and comes with the sturdy steel carabineers, nylon rope of the nautical grade in addition to that of the cinch points. It also contains an attached gear pouch and the webbed poly-filament tree straps.

Double Camping Hammock- Best Lightweight & Portable Two Person Hammock Set –Aluminum Wiregate Carabiners, 2- 16 Loop Tree Straps & Compression Strap


  • Very much weather-friendly and offers safe and cushioned accommodation to the campers
  • The patented nylon color never fades at all even during the harsh weather conditions
  • It usually takes less than two minutes to be installed
  • It can be easily folded to be slipped inside the gear pouch
  • The hammock helps to obtain the prescribed suspension height in any situation


  • The nylon color can show small sign of fading after extensive usage in the outdoor camping
  • The webbed tree straps fail to disperse the bodyweight of the occupants above 450 pounds

Double Camping Hammock- Best Lightweight & Portable Two Person Hammock Set –Aluminum Wiregate Carabiners, 2- 16 Loop Tree Straps & Compression Strap

TNH Outdoors Premium Camping Hammock

If the founder-cum-proprietor of TNH is to be believed, you’ll fall for the Outdoors Premium Camping Hammock & Straps in case you have a yen for backpacking or hiking.

The product has been crafted out of tempered nylon taffeta that makes it extremely heavy-duty, and its triple locked stitching ensures that it can tolerate stretching and heavy loads. It can withstand weights of up to 400 lbs and is broad enough to accept two individuals.

TNH Outdoors #1 Premium Double Camping Hammock By Premium Quality Hammock - Strongest 9ft Straps With 30 Multi Hitch Points


  • Embroidered out of treated nylon taffeta
  • Sturdy 9’ long straps included in the package allows for quick and convenient setup
  • The hammock together with the straps weighing about 2lb 5oz makes it heavy-duty


  • May not be able to accommodate two bulky persons at the same time when used on a regular basis
  • You may have difficulty hanging the hammock at proper angles for a relaxing lounge
TNH Outdoors #1 Premium Double Camping Hammock Premium Quality Hammock - Strongest 9ft Straps with 30 Multi Hitch Points - Larger 10x6.6ft Hammock

Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock

This suspended cot can easily accommodate 2 persons and is capable of bearing the maximum weight load of 500 pounds. This spacious hammock is made of a durable parachute nylon fabric of the grade 210T.

It arrives with the high-quality, eco-friendly straps, 137 feet long rope with the hard steel carabineers. It can also be used on the patio for the purpose of relaxation and reading.

Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock - Lightweight Nylon Portable Hammock, Best Parachute Double Hammock For Backpacking, Camping, Travel, Beach


  • It is extremely lightweight and compact to withstand harsh environment very easily
  • It is capable of holding weight load of 500 pounds and is an ideal travel companion during camping and hiking activities
  • The supportive gears provide it maximum stability and grip during hanging
  • It hardly takes less than 3 minutes to be installed
  • It is available at a comparatively lower market price.


  • It fails to provide accommodation to the campers during the eve of unequal physical weight
  • The tree straps do not offer much scope for height adjustment

When or whenever you think about relaxing outdoors either deep in the forests or in the backyard of your home, the first thing that comes to your mind is a hammock. A hammock is basically a loosely suspended cushioned couch that can be easily attached between the poles or trees to enjoy a nice sleep or relaxing moment in the natural outdoor environment

Things to consider before spending money on a hammock. Like every commodity, customers must also consider certain factors before they invest hard-earned money to buy a hammock. These normally include the following points mentioned below:

Cost: The emergence of hammock has greatly helped the average people to escape from the burden of bringing tents, rucksack, and other additional camping gears during the onset of the outdoor journey expeditions.

Using hammock will provide you complete relief from the spinal cord and shoulder pain as this cushioned cot also comes handy to pack essential items during the outdoor camping trip in any location. 

Such cushioned beds are usually available at a pocket-friendly budget range of $16 to $100 approximately in the market. As a result, you will not only reap the benefits of surplus comfort and relaxation but also have the chance to save your hard-earned money from the unnecessary expenditures.

Although there is no fixed time period to buy such hanging couch, but for saving more money you can utilize popular occasions like Christmas, New Year, and so on with the bright chance of receiving attractive discounts and deals to obtain the best quality products.

Weight: The heftiness of the hammock makes a big difference simply because you don’t want to be bogged down while carrying the same in your backpack or strapping the ends to trees. You’ll find hammocks in this analysis that are ultra-light which hardly transfer any noticeable heft to your knapsack as well as ones that can accommodate two adults.

Strength: It is quite essential on your part to stringently test the stamina and strength of such suspended bed so as to prevent the unnecessary wastage of the money on it.

Purchasing a hammock without testing the strength and endurance level can cause severe injury to you and to your partner in the middle of the outdoor camping trip.

No matter which type of hammock you select, it must be able to withstand the physical weight of the camper and can smoothly adjust the extreme environmental conditions without showing any sign of wear and tear.

It is always better to visit the shop of a reputed manufacturer where you can purchase such cots with a proven track-record of surplus strength and endurance.

For outdoor camping, it is very much essential that your hammock delivers impressive strength to easily adjust and endure harsh climatic conditions without disturbing the night sleep.

Dimensions: While buying the hammock of your choice, it is very much important to assess the size so as to enjoy maximum amount of flexibility and suspension while attaching it between the stone boulders or trees.

The more the size of the hammock, occupants have the chance to enjoy greater stretch and body weight dispersion opportunity while sleeping, relaxing and sitting.

For gaining sufficient insight regarding appropriate dimension, it is better to consult with an experienced camper before spending money on any hammock.

People who set out for camping with their partner must emphasize on those suspended beds that come with the reputation of providing unique dimension ranges to guarantee a convenient accommodation for two people.

While assessing the size of a hammock, you can also refer to your overall physical height as a suitable yardstick to spend money on the appropriate product of the highest standards.

It is better to look for hammocks that come with the dimension of 8 feet or above so as to guarantee hassle-free accommodation irrespective of the body heights.

Best Use: Another important factor that’ll influence your choice is the purpose or purposes for which you’ll be using the product. You can pick and choose from ones that are suited for stretching out to ones that have been engineered for sound sleep.

Insulation: Hammocks not only help you to obtain a sound sleep but also play a big role to prevent the escape of your body heat during chilly winter months without affecting your health.

At the same time, such cots also help to ensure quick evaporation of moisture and sweat during the time of unbearable summer seasons. Hammocks that are made of nylon and polyester fabrics always support higher-degree of insulation to protect the occupants from harsh climatic conditions in the middle of the camping trail.

Such suspended couch is always ideal to be included in the camping journey covering the rough hilly terrains and vast thick forests. For obtaining greater insulation effect, you can also bring items like top-quilts, under-quilts, and sleeping pads.

Types of Camping Hammocks

Outdoor camping hammocks always come with distinct types, patterns, and shades to increase the purchasing option of the buyers. It is essential to thoroughly review the features and specifications of each of them before spending money on the right product. Some of these popular types of hammocks mainly include the following below:

Double layered parachute nylon: Such hammocks are usually made from high-quality and weather resistant fabrics of the 210T grade of nylon with the ability to withstand physical body weight around 450 lbs.

These hammocks usually feature a nautical grade rope of nylon with attached carabineers that are made of stainless steel. These suspended hammocks also come with the stretch resistant webbed tree straps of the poly-filament material.

It can be comfortably washed using water machine and can retain the shine of the external surface for a long period of time. It can easily become a part of the diverse lifestyles of the average people apart from providing solid and reliable support in the wild camping expedition.

Brazilian Hammock: Such hammocks are made of pure cotton and always come with the long-lasting and comfortable thread which is tightly woven to deliver a euphoric experience of sleeping or relaxing over the cushioned mattress of a sponge.

These hammocks can also play the role of a rucksack when it comes to packing of essential gears and equipment for the purpose of camping in any part of the world. These are pretty lightweight as a result of which you will not face the problem of severe spinal cord pain and shoulder ache.

It can ensure maximum weight capacity of 475 pounds and can easily accommodate more than one people. Such hammocks also arrive with the impressive insulation level to keep you and your partner in good conditions in all seasons.

Backcountry/expedition hammocks: Such hanging couches are usually made of high-density nylon fabrics and come with the reputation of providing additional space to keep different camping instruments in a well-organized manner.

Such hammocks can be easily installed and are lightweight, durable with the enhanced lifespan. It comes with all the essential hanging kits which ultimately save your additional expenditures to a great extent.

These cots can normally withstand body weight around 400 pounds and provides a lite speed suspension mechanism which is infinitely adjustable, strong, and fast.

Ultra-light Hammocks: Such hammocks are usually made of compact and lightweight materials and are ideal to be included in the wild camping trail.

These suspended cots can easily withstand the rigor of the harsh climate conditions and help campers to obtain a nice sleep with the support of under-quilts, sleeping pads, and so on. 

Such cots usually withstand the body weight 12 to 20 ounces without putting any pressure on the spine and shoulder of the occupants during sleeping or relaxing.

Although they take a more time in setting up but ultimately they help you to derive a full proof satisfaction in return of the amount that you have spent to buy them.

Bridge Hammocks: Such hammocks usually come with a non-gathered flat ends which are usually reinforced with the support of spreader bars.

As a result, you can fix such cots into any desired shape of your choice to enjoy the experience swinging above the hard surface ground to enjoy the charm of nature. 

Such hammocks can easily ensure the physical weight of 23 ounce. You can easily wrap and fold it without damaging the fabrics and is ideal to accompany you in the least explored corners of the world.


So, there you’ve it-10 of the best daytime hammocks. Since each of the products reviewed above is of superior quality when judged by the aforementioned parameters, you can choose any one from the lot.

However, if you’re very fastidious about quality and willing to pay the extra bucks for the same, you can settle for the Hummingbird Single, Grand Trunk Ultralight or the Hennessey Expedition Asym.

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