Best Hammock Tent-Grand Trunk Pro Hammock

best hammock tent-Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Mosquito Hammock

You could be an avid and seasoned trekker who’s covered some of the most challenging natural treks throughout the world or a compulsive backpacker retiring to the unexplored outbacks annually.

Regardless of the nature of your outdoor exploit or adventure trail, one indispensable item that you must take along is the hammock that also doubles up as an open-air tent.

So the next time you schedule a trek to the lofty Mt. McKinley or a jaunt to the Yellowstone National Park, don’t miss to pack the Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro best hammock tent.

The ‘Skeeter Beeter Pro’ from Grand Trunk promises to be the ultimate hammock offering total comfort while you’re camping outdoors or hiking in the countryside.

Fabricated from the best grade of parachute nylon material and reinforced with triple stitching, the Grand Trunk’s Skeeter Beeter hammock lets you sleep soundly and/or unwind fully.

The durable construction and the hardy components ensure that the hammock remains in service for years on end.

Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Mosquito Hammock
  • Remarkably lightweight weighing 30 ounces
  • Large sized with dimensions of 10.5’ x 5’ spacious enough even for overweight adults
  • Capable of bearing oversized individuals with a tare weight capacity of 400 lbs
  • Parachute nylon-silk fabric that is soft on the skin as well as provides total security from the vagaries of weather
  • Triple-Interlocking stitch with high-grade nylon threads makes sure that the fabric can withstand heavy loads and remain durable for a long term
  • Mosquito net with fine pores does not trap flies, mosquitoes, insects and pests and keeps them away
  • Comes with a hammock overhanging kit that comprises of a suspension rope with 10 4.5mm knots enabling easy hanging
  • Can be bundled and/or rolled up quickly without hassles and packed comfortably inside the accompanying sack making the hammock very portable
  • Two pockets or pouches built into the hammock allows you to store essential supplies that you may need while you’re resting
  • Mildew/rot-resistant fabric
  • Material dries up quickly
Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Mosquito Hammock - Portable and Packable Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net and Suspension Kit


The hammock with all its components weights 30 ounces or 840g which should not be an issue with veteran backpackers and campers as they’re adapted to handle much heavier loads. 

Much of the weight of this product is due to the robust coupling links, sack, and other accoutrements. The actual hammock sewn out from a blend of nylon and silk is incredibly light.

Due to the lightness of the canvas, setting up and dismantling is rendered easy. Being lightweight, the item can be unfolded, suspended on the rope via the knots and the ends attached to the trunks of trees or posts or on any other supporting structure.

If the hammock is set up properly, it’ll always be a few inches above the terra firma.


Best hammock tent-Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Mosquito Hammock

The Skeeter Beeter Pro is touted to be the best hammock tent largely because it accords sweeping and comprehensive protection during your outdoor trips.

The canvas sewn out of superlative grade of parachute nylon-silk material offers all-round safety not only from all kinds of annoying pests and insects but also from the deleterious effects of changing weather.

The high quality fabric is very light almost feathery which means you can relax or rest in peace without the air getting blocked from any side. The textile is also highly resistant to mildew, fungus, and mold enabling the same to retain its originality for years.


Fabricated out of the most supreme grade of available components, the Beeter Skeeter is as hard-wearing and resilient as a hammock can get. The three-tier robust nylon stitching coupled with two zippers embedded onto the two sides accords the product a hardiness that renders it weatherproof and makes it incredibly enduring.


From the great outdoors to your own backyard, this is the perfect alternative to a tent, sleeping pad, ground mat, or swing

Taking into account all its features, the hammock from Grand Trunk under review is an all-terrain product that can be extensively used in mountainous areas, dense forests, arid zones, rocky ledges and any type of landscape or territory.

You can nest in the hammock in a carefree manner no matter wherever you are or shut yourself out from the world outside courtesy the zippered canvas.

Ease of Setup

The Skeeter Beeter comes with a suspension kit (for which you don’t need to pay anything extra) that chiefly entails twin 10’ long ropes with 4.5mm knots or loops for suspending the two ends of the hammock.

The design of the product also makes it amenable for accessorizing the same with attachments like a rain tarp stakes or underbelly gear sling.


The hammock of Grand Trunk is supplied to you with a range of accessories or add-ons like a mosquito net, suspension couplings, and cords. However, the structure of the hammock makes it compatible for attaching other accessories including but not limited to hammock pillow, ridgeline, drip strips, and rain fly.


Comparing the Skeeter Beeter Pro to other hammocks belonging to its genre, it can be convincingly concluded that it is one of the best hammock tents that you can have at a down-to-earth.

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