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Best hammock straps

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a camping enthusiast, you should be able to appreciate how simple and time-saving it is to use hammock straps instead of ropes. 

To be fair, there’s some nostalgia and rugged outdoors charm tied to ropes and knots (if you’ll pardon the pun), but there are some straps out there that are sure to dispel this charm. So, how to recognize the best hammock straps on the market?

Simple, just remember the holy trinity of weight, durability, and versatility. The first criterion is particularly important for hikers and backpackers, people who plan to carry their hammocks and tree straps for quite some distance.

The second criterion is important for both camping hammocks and their domestic counterparts intended for lounging in the backyard. You should want something durable and able to hold your weight without fear of gravity at worst, or something to withstand some added weight and the duress of other… nocturnal activities, at best.

Finally, the third criterion simply refers to how many loops there are on the strap. In other words, how many levels of adjustability you can get out of them. Admittedly, they’re somewhat behind ropes in this regard, but it’s only a small price to pay.

​10 Best Hammock Straps Reviews

Hammock Sky Hammock Tree Straps by Best Extra Long Hanging Straps for Camping & Travel

The Hammock Sky tree straps are just the right thing for any camper that hates dealing with ropes and knots, and would rather spend the time actually enjoying the scenery rather setting up a place to sleep for half a day.

All jokes aside, though, the Hammock Sky straps are really easy to set up, all you have to do is wrap each strap around the tree a couple of times, thread it through the loop each time, and hook up the hammock usin the S hooks that come with the purchase.

They’re designed to be compatible with Nicaraguan (tightly woven string hammocks, quite luxurious), Mayan (fairly rugged and utilitarian) and/or Brazilian hammocks (the most comfortable and least ventilated of the three types).

Hammock Sky Hammock Tree Straps by Best Extra Long Hanging Straps for

The straps come in two distinct flavors, Sunset Gold and Forest Brown, and having choice, however slim, is always a nice touch on the manufacturer’s part. They are extra-long (compared to the rest of their class), measuring just shy of 12 feet (24 combined). More importantly, they are designed to be tree-friendly, so to speak, with a width of about 2 inches.

Hammock Sky Hammock Tree Straps by Best Extra Long Hanging Straps for Camping & Travel

The polyester material that goes into making these looks and feels quite durable, and is attested as mildew and rot resistant, which is definitely a big plus if you’re out on a trekking trip (or just forgetful and tend to leave things outside in the rain).

The maximum weight these puppies support is 1200 pounds combined (600 pounds each), though you could probably push it beyond that, provided it’s not on a regular basis.

Another important thing to note is the excellent customer support and rather helpful staff over at Sky Hammocks, which is always a good sign.

Nature's Hangout Hammock Straps XL With High-End Carabiners - Quick & Easy Setup For All Hammocks

The HangTIght hammock straps definitely live up to the company’s name – they really hang tight. You can get them either long (10 feet) or extra-long (14 feet), with 16 and 24 loops, respectively. Now, even though it’s always a good idea to get extra length, just in case, we’ll focus on the 10-foot variant here because it’s lighter, and we believe that the majority of backpackers out there rather carry less than more weight. Prove us wrong.

HangTight Hammock Straps With Carabiners

Seriously, though, the straps are really lightweight, a mere 13.2 ounces of combined weight. Speaking of which, the max bearing load for these is 700 pounds, though the breaking point on the stitching is in excess of 2,200 pounds (that doesn’t mean you should try it, just letting you know how quality the stitches are). 

 HangTight Hammock Straps With Carabiners - Extra Strong, Lightweight & Tree Friendly

The width is about an inch, which might not be enough for some camping sites to allow securing your hammock to trees (regulations vary from state to state). Still, it’s more than secure enough if you want to strap it to a par of large rocks, fence posts, boat masts, or whatever firm and erect structure you can find.

The straps come in two distinct patterns – black and orange, though whichever you choose, you’re sure to get a lightweight and durable piece of gear. They’re compatible with ENO SingleNest and DoubleNest hammocks, as well as most other brands, and they set up in no time – your first time should be about two minutes, but with some practice, you can bring it to under a minute.

Best of all, the straps come with a lifetime money back guarantee, no questions asked (basically, buy them once, and you’re set for life).

Bear Butt Kodiak Hammock Straps - 40 Combined Loops - 20 Feet Long

The playfully named Bear Butt company has only recently made its thrust into the market, and already they’ve become one of the major players. Their hammock straps come in four distinct flavors – Black & Blue, Black & Gray, Black & Green, Black & White.

No matter the color pattern, each strap is made of heavy-duty fabric, with quality stitching able to support a maximum weight of 1,000 pounds combined (500 pounds each), though you could probably push it to 1,200, provided you make sure to check them regularly for wear and tear.

The carabiners that come with the purchase are definitely up to scratch, but they are kind of heavy, so it would be a good idea to ditch them and switch to aluminum.

Bear Butt Kodiak Hammock Straps - Holds 1000 Pounds

Each strap measures 10 feet in length and is about 1 inch wide. You get 20 loops per strap, which gives you plenty of options for adjusting the stretch. On that same note, every strap is tried and tested, and you can fully expect them to hold the cited 1,000 pounds of combined weight.

The Kodiaks are extremely easy to use, pretty much like all other straps (especially compared to ropes), and it should take you about a minute to hook them up, two minutes tops.

Bear Butt Hammock Straps Heavy-Duty, Lightweight & adjustable -Easy Strap Set for Double Camping Hammocks

The staff in their customer service department is very friendly and eager to please, which is always a nice touch. More importantly, if for whatever reason you decide you didn’t like the straps, they’ll be more than happy to give you full refund, no questions asked.

Rallt Hammock Tree Straps - 2000+ LB Breaking Strength, 20 Feet Long, 36 Loops

The Rallt Hammock Tree Straps are pretty much like their name – to the point and functional. You get a pair of 10-foot long daisy-chain loop system with 18 loops per strap (36 total), though you can always chain up multiple straps if you need more length.

They’re made of 0¾-inch thick polyester tubular webbing with reflective tracers, which makes them extremely lightweight, albeit a bit thin for some parks to allow you using them on trees. Still, you can always secure them to large rocks, fence posts, even car racks in a pinch. Just make sure they’re no farther than 20 feet apart.

Rallt Hammock Tree Straps - 2000+ LB Breaking Strength, 20 Feet Long

The straps barely add any weight to your pack, a mere 11.7oz. Plus, they come with a carry pouch for efficient storage. Speaking of weight, the maximum load these puppies will support is about 500 pounds (combined, not each), while the breaking point of the material is 2,000+ pounds, so there’s some room if you want to practice some other nocturnal activities besides sleeping.

As you might’ve guessed, the straps are compatible with virtually any hammock brand and/or type, and are, of course, ridiculously easy to set up. There’s no skill required, and anyone can benefit from them, whether novice or a seasoned backpacker.

SlapStrap Pro Hammock Suspension System

The Eagles Nest Outfitters is a company known for its high-quality hammocks, so it only makes sense they use only quality straps. The Slap Strap suspension system definitely fits the bill.

What you get is a pair of 100% nylon straps, able to support up to 400 pounds of weight combined (or 200 pounds each). Granted, it’s nothing to write home about, but still more than enough for single hammocks and most doubles. Also, you could push it beyond that limit, but be sure to regularly check for wear & tear.

Eagles Nest Outfitters Slap Strap Pro Hammock Suspension System

The important thing is that you don’t have to be a Boy Scout, let alone an Eagle Scout to know how to set these up. Wrapping the each strap around the tree, then threading it through the loop is literally a matter of seconds; you’ll spend longer time adjusting the perfect stretch than actually hooking the whole thing up.

Just like with most hammock straps, these are great for lounging around the backyard, and they’re adequate for backpacking. However, seasoned backpackers and Boy Scouts might find them limiting, in that they have a fixed number of attachment points, but that’s exactly what makes them appealing to the rest of us

The extra long SlapStrap Pro from Eagles nest Outfitters gives you more versatility and locations to hang your ENO hammock

The straps are just shy of 10 feet in length, with 6 loops per strap (not ideal, but workable). Still, the Slap Strap pros are an improvement compared to the original Slap Straps which have 5 loops (each) and are about two feet shorter.

Another minor gripe, besides the number of the loops, is that they have some sag to them, so you should make sure to cinch them tight. Always go one loop less than you feel is enough (just like you’d cinch a belt).

As far as peace of mind goes, the Slap Strap Pros come with a 2-year guarantee (not great, but not to be dismissed).

Hammock Pawleys Island Tree Straps

If you’re in the market for a pair of heavy-duty, weather resistant straps, then the Hammock Pawleys Island Tree Straps might just be the thing for you. What you get 10 feet long and 2 inches wide weather-resistant nylon webbing, able to bear up to 450 pounds of weight (combined, not each).

The straps themselves are plenty lightweight, just under 12 ounces, though that’s excluding the two zinc-plated steel S hooks that come with. On that same note, watch out for the S hooks.

They’re of fine quality and all, but the open design is inherently flawed, and you might experience a bad case of gravity if one of them happens to fall out, and they will if you’re lying with someone, and they stood up while you stay in.

Bottom line, don’t be cheap and buy carabiners. You can’t say you weren’t warned. On a similar note, don’t let the fact they’re advertised as Pawley’s Island, yet branded as Hammock Source. Keep in mind that Pawley’s Island (which you might recognize as a brand of hammocks) is just a subsidiary of Hammock Source, so the apparent discrepancy is nothing sinister on the seller’s part.

Kammok® Python Straps

The Kammok Python Straps are the perfect choice for folks who want to get the best bang for their buck, and who don’t feel sorry shelling out said buck in a bit larger quantities. They’re a bit more expensive than similar products, but they do give you plenty of adjustability and a quality that’s far superior to most other products in their class.

The best straps I have ever used. It makes finding the perfect spot to hook up super easy

The best straps I have ever used. It makes finding the perfect spot to hook up super easy

The straps are 10 feet each (20 feet combined), designed as daisy-chain webbing with 18 loops (each), which gives you more than enough adjustment options. Moreover, they’re 2 inches wide, which marks them as tree-friendly, and set up in a matter of seconds. They’re also extremely lightweight, weighing only 11.2 ounces, so you’ll barely feel them in the pack.

Very well made and gives you extra loops to hang gear from while hanging around. You only have to wrap this around ANY size tree once

The maximum weight capacity of these puppies combined is 500 pounds, and they’re compatible with all manners of hammocks, provided you have carabiners. On that same note no carabiners come with the purchase, but you do get a durable carry bag.

Chill Gorilla Pro XL Hammock Hanging Straps

The Chill Gorilla Pro XL Hammock Hanging Straps are pretty much what it reads on the tin – a pair of extra-long straps for securing your hammock to trees, boat masts, fence posts, large rocks, even RV ladders or car racks in a pinch. It’s available in two distinct flavors – 10 and 12 feet long (obviously, the XL refers to the second flavor).

Per strap, you get 15+1 loops for the 10-foot system and 20+1 for the 12-foot one. This comes up to 30+2 and 40+2 combined, respectively, which is quite a lot of adjustability.

CHILL GORILLA XXL HAMMOCK TREE STRAPS. 1400+ lb Breaking Strength, the excellent product

On a similar note, there are two color patterns available, Black with blue and Blue with red. You could go either way, but it’s worth noting that the blue variant is a bit more visible, which can mean a lot if you happen to lose a strap in the forest and have to go looking for it.


These things will wrap around anything, trees, boat masts, posts, roof racks, large rocks, anchor bolts, or whatever else you can find, and they’ll do it in under a minute. Well, you’ll be able to set them up in under a minute, at any rate.

In this respect, they’re great for weekend warriors and serious campers alike. The casuals will like the straps’ ease of use, whereas the seasoned outdoorsmen will appreciate the quality fabric and secure stitching able to support up to 1,400 pounds of weight (combined, not each).

CHILL GORILLA XXL HAMMOCK TREE STRAPS. 1400+ lb Breaking Strength, 24' Long, 40 Loops

However, this isn’t even the best thing about them – the Chill Gorilla also come with a pair of carabiners, which is a rare enough occurrence when it comes to hammock straps, plus a no-hassle money back guarantee. Even if you don’t need them yourself, they make for a nice present, and they’re even gift-wrap available.

ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters- Atlas Straps

The Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas Hammock suspension system is one of the best-selling hammock suspension systems on Amazon as of this writing. The straps are, naturally, easy to set up and come with a carry bag in an assortment of colors (although the straps themselves only come in black). They’re compatible with ENO SingleNest and DoubleNest, obviously as well as most other hammock brands and types, including leisure hammocks with spreader bars.

Eagles Nest Outfitters ENO Atlas Straps, Hammock Suspension System

They’re lightweight even measured by the industry standard, mere 11 ounces, 9 feet long and 1 inch wide (18 feet combined), sporting 15 loops per strap for quite a bit adjustability. The maximum weight these puppies are able to support is 400 pounds combined (200 pounds each), and they have virtually no give (they don’t sag).

If you own a hammock, get these straps!

Of course, it goes without saying that the Atlas straps are fully weather and mildew-resistant, so you needn’t worry about leaving them out. The manufacturer stresses the fact that the material is poly-filament webbing, and not nylon.

It’s worth repeating here that these are the most popular tree straps on our list, and there are tons of satisfied customers’ reviews available online, which speaks volumes in and of itself about their quality. Besides, the tech support is more than up to game, and they’ll certainly do their best to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

Hammock Tree Straps With Climber-rated Wiregate Carabiners Included

The LiteSpeed Hammock tree straps are definitely some of the best hammock straps you’ll find out there, and they’re fairly cheap, as well. What makes them stand out the most is the LiteSpeed proprietary cinch buckle tech, which leaves you with virtually unlimited number of adjustment positions.

WildHorn Outfitters LiteSpeed 11 ft. Hammock Tree Straps With Easy

The straps themselves are11 feet long, 1 inch wide, and made of reinforced polyester, and are as durable as the Hulk. The system comes with a pair of cinch buckles wound with Amsteel continuous loop (synthetic fiber with an impressively high breaking point – 1600 pounds).

You also get a pair of aluminum wire gate carabiners, plus a length of PVC pipe to help you with installing, as well as a nice and durable nylon pouch for efficient storage.

These straps are light-weight and very well made

The whole setup weighs only 13 ounces total, while the maximum weight (since we’re on the topic) supported is 400 pounds combined or 200 pounds per strap.

There are two ways to set your hammock up – either attach it directly to the loop with a carabiner or install the loop onto the channel of your gathered end hammock using the length of PVC that comes with the purchase.

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