Advantages of Using a Double Hammock in the Outdoors

Best double hammock for your camping trips

​When you are engaged in group camping and want to get the most out of your adventurous journey then double hammocks tend to be the most suitable alternatives.

Though these are also bought for enjoying holiday seasons in beaches and gardens but presently they are in good demand for camping activities. These are easy to carry and users just need to bring few supportive accessories like straps, inflating mats and so on.

The loosely suspended mattress helps you to relax and spend time with your partner and escaping the monotony of life. You can enjoy the fresh flow of wind or can count stars in the sky in a relaxing posture.

Since these hanging beds are made of nylon parachute fabrics, it can easily absorb your body sweat and can disperse the body weight of your partner.

Many companies are providing the opportunities to buy the best double hammock under different brands. But for your convenience, reviews of three established brands are given below.

The Best Double Hammock for Indoor /Patio and Garden

Best double hammock-Vivere Double Hammock with Space
    • OVERSIZED: 7.48 x 8.86 x 49.21 inches
    • WEIGHT: 32.1 pounds
    • STRONG: 450 pounds
    • RATING: 4.7/5 stars

It comprises of the perfect combination of hanging couch with a well-built stand. It is made up of pure cotton for developing a comfortable place for relaxation.

The dimension of its space saving foot stand is about nine foot and is made of heavy steel. The stand can be assembled within minutes without the use of tools.

Vivere Double Hammock with Space-Saving Steel Stand, Tropical

It comes with plastic caps that are used for creating soft finish on the extreme end of steel tubing. It also arrives with a carrying case to give you freedom to fix your hanging tent on the desired location of your choice without relying on the availability of trees.

This Brazilian style hammock is made of woven polyester fabric that provides fade-resistant saturated color

The dimension of the loosely suspended bed is about 63 x 94 inches and the overall length is about 130 inches. It can easily accommodate two adults and can withstand maximum body weight of about 450 pounds. It can be purchased from

This hammock resists mildew and rot. It’s easy to clean

The Double Hammock for Outdoors & Camping

Trek Light Gear Double Hammock
    • WEIGHT: 1.2 pounds
    • OVERSIZED: 3.2 x 4.9 x 8.1 inches
    • STRONG: 400 pounds
    • RATING: 4.6/5 stars

This extra wide hanging bed is known for providing surplus comfort and is an essential item at the time of backpacking, hiking, and camping. It also provides enough space for keeping useful outdoor gears to give you happy camping experience.

You can easily stretch it either at any specific angle or horizontally and can also share it with your friend or can wrap up yourself using the extra space.

The overall dimension of the product is 10 foot long and 6.5 foot wide. It has been designed for providing you sound sleep at night irrespective of place. It is ideal for those who are suffering from hip, back and neck discomfort, sleep apnea and insomnia.

 Sleeping here shall totally transform their life forever as it is breathable and supports instant drying. It can bear a maximum load of 400 pounds and the overall weight is about 20 ounces. It is available from Amazon platform.

Yes4All Lightweight Camping Hammock with Carry Bag – Multi Color Available (Double) & Tree Strap
    • WEIGHT: 1.2 pounds
    • OVERSIZED: 102 x 78 inch
    • STRONG: 450 pounds
    • RATING: 4.3/5 stars

It is available in different colorful combinations and is your ideal companion for enjoying a lazy afternoon in your backyard or enjoying the breeze of cool air in an outdoor trip. This ultra-light hammock can easily accommodate your partner to spend some nice moments together. It is made of good quality nylon material which is well woven.

You do not have to bother about the tested strength durability as it can easily withstand a maximum weight capacity of 450 pounds. It arrives with a carrying bag for accommodating essential outdoor accessories for a safe and secured camping.

It is simple to clean and can be washed and dried using a machine. The dimension of this item is about 102 x 78 inches and you can check out the latest price at Amazon.

Benefits of Customers when they use the product

Since its inception, double hammock has offered great relief to the customer as it has reduced their burden of load carrying to a considerable extent. Now they do not have to use separate carry bag as these hanging beds itself perform the task of a carry bag. Moreover, unlike tent camping travelers do not need to pack every accessory but only the useful one.

Previously customers had to rely on the availability of boulder, trees and cliffs for installing these hanging couches but now with the arrival of the Vivere Double Hammocks the trouble has ceased to exist. Now you can fix your hanging bed in a preferred location of your choice as it comprises of steel stand of nine foot and so it totally eliminates your dependence on tress and other natural objects for hanging such bed.

Vivere Double Hammock with Space-Saving Steel Stand

These hanging tents are opening up much space for accommodating your partner and also to allow you wrap yourself up completely. Double hammocks brought out by trek Light Gear is a striking example of this trend.

Products brought out by this brand have earned the appreciation of the customers due to their load bearing capacity and durability. For instance, double hammocks of Yes4All are made of strongly oven nylon that can easily disperse the body weight of two adult persons as well as absorbing sweat within seconds.

How to pick the appropriate hammock of your requirements

You will be able to spot various companies that are selling these hanging mattresses once you refer to the internet. But your purchase can only be meaningful when you take into consideration your desired lists of requirements or you will spend money irrelevantly. The factors that must guide you in purchasing double hammock mainly include the following:


It is an essential factor that must be kept in the mind before deciding to buy such hanging items. People often fail to realize the importance of size and so they end up buying hanging tents that are unable to endure their body weight and fail to accommodate their loved ones.

So it is your responsibility to ensure that these are of sufficient dimensions and for that it is better to measure their length and width before investing money on them.

Larger the size of such mattress, greater will be durability and space for accommodating more than one people. It will also help it in dispersing the weight of your partner much easily and providing you with the option of accommodating supporting accessories like self-inflating mats, sleeping bags and so on. Bigger size hanging couch seldom develops wear and tear and it involves lesser maintenance costs.


Customers are accustomed in purchasing these hanging mattresses without any taste of color. Actually, they are used to purchase products belonging to a particular pattern only where the hanging mattress comprises of white ropes or white standing bars. But it is not the ultimate combination as they can try with certain other combinations of Mexican and Nicaraguan patterns.

These patterns are available in different brand names in e-commerce stores and it depends on the taste and preference of the customers to choose the appropriate one. Besides, for enhancing the glamorous appearance of your interior room you can buy these hanging tents of different colorful shades.

These will surely draw the attention of your guests, the double hammocks can give you a refreshing feel during your outdoor trips. They are available in different color options and make sure you get a nice combination to get a cool hammock as per your requirements.

Best possible deal comparisons

People often spend uselessly much money when they buy products of renowned brands without checking and comparing deals provided by them. As a result, they fail to avail the best products at a discount price. So it is better to properly study the deals associated with the products of every brand before making the final purchasing decision.

On visiting platforms like they have the possibility of coming across such deals much easily. Buying these hanging tents on a suitable deal not only ensures price affordability but is also a testimony of durability and longevity of such items.

It is better to visit well known online shopping platforms to get first hand information on these deals. Customers can subscribe to the newsletters of leading e-commerce stores to receive advance updates on latest deals on such products.

Tips for using hammock

Spot selection: It is the most important task which you must perform seriously. Without selecting any suitable spot it will be not possible for you to install hammock.

You need to make sure that the spot you are selecting must comprises of trees and other items like boulders for attaching the hanging bed easily.

Using webbing straps: These will not only ensure hanging your mattress tightly but also help it to disperse the physical weight of your partners without any wear and tear.

It will also control the stretch of your couch when you are sleeping alone to prevent you from falling down at night. It is because of these straps that your hanging tent will be able to balance perfectly, the load of other supporting accessories.

Underneath insulation: In order to make your-self feel warm and comfortable, just place under-quilts or a sleeping pad for the purpose. These will help you in restoring warm environment inside the hanging couch during a cold winter night.

During the hot summer season, embrace yourself with a thin blanket for regulating the interior temperature and to prevent your-self from the attack of mosquitoes and bugs.

Use of Quality Sag: Once you have finished selecting a perfect spot, hang your bed in such a position that it must be low in the central point and higher in the extreme ends.

After adjusting these suspension angles bring out the one having higher stretch so that you do not accidentally fall during the night time.

Frequently Asked Question

What type of hammock is best?

  • Answer: Undoubtedly double hammock. Because it comes with double size and so can easily accommodate your partner inside. You can easily pack essential accessories without putting much pressure on your shoulder. You can also wrap up yourself using extra left space.

Does double hammock come with attached mosquito nets?

  • Answer: No, but being double in size it will support you to tie mosquito nets or protective tarps while sleeping during the night hours. Just make sure that when you use the mosquito net its angle of suspension must match with that of your double hammock.

What is the ideal height for hanging double hammock?

  • Answer: The ideal height for hanging your double hammock comprises of attached stand is about four to five feet above the surface level. If it is without any attached steel stand then it is perfect to hang at an optimum height of six to eight feet.

What are the supporting accessories that customers can get with double hammock?

  • Answer: Other accessories mainly include:
    • Five knob bolts for securing every portion of your suspended bed frame together;
    • Double hooks with the wing nuts for tightening hook with the frame;
    • Single duffle bag for holding entire set up;


Despite certain drawbacks and limitations, the double hammock is proving to be the most reliable companion of adventure loving people. Not only for outdoor purposes but also for indoor decoration double hammock is having decent demand in the market.

Unlike tents, their price is within the reach of common people. It not only focuses on accommodating two people but also helps in spending quality times together in a natural environment.

Besides, they can withstand heavy loads of about 400 pounds quite easily. While placing the order for a double hammock, make sure that you are spending money on the ideal brand with a decent warranty period.

Else you will lose your hard earned money spending on a useless item. Without using the best double hammock your camping will not be a thrilling one. Use of colorful hammocks will truly make you feel elated when you are using for relaxation.

A Recent study has also suggested that sleeping in this double sized hanging bed truly improves your sleep if you are encountering sleep deprivation problem.

But you need to be careful when you are hanging it because if there is any flaw in the suspension angle then you may tumble. Now some companies are introducing them with assembled steel stand to reduce your dependence on trees.

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