Best Air Pump for Inflatables: Make Your Life Easier

best air pump for inflatables

​Whether you’re a seasoned camper or just a novice, sooner or later find yourself looking for the best air pump for inflatables in an effort to increase your camping comfort. It’s not always easy to choose the best one, especially when your choice can affect your plans to such an extent.

On the flipside, an air pump can be used in everyday situations besides camping, so you’ve got the utility factor right out of the gates: during your summer holiday for swimming pools, boats or beach toys to some inflatable space structures like inflatable castles like Bounce houses, tires, balloons and so much more.

That’s why we wanted to help you in your decision and make your life easier by showing you the best on the market.

Down here you can read the reviews of what we think are the top rated 7 air pumps available on the market at the moment.

1. Kensun AC/DC Rapid Performance Portable Air Compressor/Tire Inflator

Kensun AC/DC Rapid Performance Portable Air Compressor Tire Inflator

If you’re looking for some of the finest air pumps on the market – watch for this one! Kensun portable air pump has many additional features with multiple functions.

It’s AC/DC adaptable. it’s just great when you have the pump which is adaptable to both home (or compressor) and your motor car.

Now you can have it both – electric current (AC) which flows in one direction and, alternating current (AC) which changes direction periodically.

Kensun AC/DC Rapid Performance Portable Air Compressor Tire Inflator with Digital Display for Home (110V) and Car (12V)

​Another great feature is an easy inflate and deflate. With several additional nozzle types, this air pump gives you the opportunity to pump almost anything you imagine. From car tires to some delicate inflate objects, such as balloons, air mattresses, swimming pools.

AC/DC adaptable. Digital pressure gauge with LCD display and unit conversion

Modern technology is applied, so now you can enjoy LED working light. If you’re using this pump outdoor during night time your job will be much easier with LCD display and unit conversion. When you start your pump, you’ll see a digital pressure gauge on LCD display which will show you the unit conversion.

It’s very convenient, practical and safe at the first place. Maximum measure of 100 PSI is another great feature because with this feature, Kensun Air Compressor has a continuous working time of 30 minutes at 35 psi.

It weights around 5 pounds so you can keep it in your trunk and feel no lack of free space.

Transcends the function of regular air compressors by being adaptable to both home (AC – wall socket) and car (DC)

​Probably the only thing missing is longer cord. Even the customers that are completely satisfied with this air pump, noticed that 110 inches cord is sometimes short for using. On the other hand, the cords on some other models are even shorter, so this feature can even be a plus.


  • ​AC/DC adaptable
  • ​Easy inflate and deflate
  • ​LED work light
  • check
    A maximum measure of 100psi
  • check
    ​Light and easy


    • Short cord

JACO SmartPro Digital Tire Inflator Pump

​Smart Pressure technology is something you’ll love. When you pre-set the inflator to the proper air pressure level, your tires will inflate up to that point. After the inflator reaches the preset point, it will simply turn off.

JACO SmartPro Digital Tire Inflator Pump - Premium 12V Portable Air Compressor - 100 PSI

This model is compatible with a car or bicycle tires – with 10’ long power cord, 12V power adapter which can be plugged in your car, you can pump up all of your four tires with 100 PSI air inflation. It comes with additional nozzle adapters you can inflate both car tires or some smaller objects like air beds, air mattresses, balls, pools, etc.

Another feature is Premium digital tire inflator which comes with a 100 percent lifetime customer support guarantee and a 12-month manufacturer warranty.

At the same time, the power plug seems that sometimes can’t fit and wouldn’t stay in the socket.


  • Smart pressure technology
  • Compatible with a car or bicycle tires
  • Additional adapters
  • check
    Premium digital tire inflator


    • Power plug

P.I. Auto Store - Premium Digital Tire Inflator

One of the best things about this model is combination of modern technology and practical use. It has LCD display which allows you to easily read PSI in the dark or even during the summer period when the sun hits your display.

When it comes to practical use, this one has some extra functions. You can turn on the standard flashlight and red flashlight settled on the left side of the device. In the emergency, there is SOS function – the red flashing light on the left side of your device.

P.I. Auto Store - Air Compressor Pump with Super bright 8x LEDs have 3 settings - standard flashlight, flashing red, and emergency SOS

It’s DC compatible so you’ll be able to use it outdoors as long as you can plug into the 12V outlet in your car. Maximum pressure is 150 PSI. This means that you can inflate a mid-size car tire in under four minutes.

P.I. Auto Store - Best for Car, Bicycle, Motorbike, RV, SUV, ATV. Also, Sports Equipment and inflatables

This air pump seems to be great for many types of car tires, even for those that need to be inflated and require 50 Ibs PSI. Of course, you should always check out first before buying just in case to make sure that it suits your model.

This product is great for the price

If you decide to go for this model you should know that AC/DC power converter comes separately. If you want to have the option to charge it on a separate compressor or some other household supply you will have to purchase the AC/DC converter separately. 12V DC Ext Cable also comes separately for the additional cost with 12ft length.

P.I. Auto Store - Premium Digital Tire Inflator – Electric 12v DC Portable Air Compressor Auto Pump


  • LCD display
  • Extra functions
  • DC compatible
  • check
    Maximum pressure 150 PSI
  • check
    ​Great for different tires


    • AC/DC power converter comes separately
    • 12V DC Ext Cable – this external cable also comes separately with 12ft length

Tire Inflator - 12V Air Compressor Pump

Family Tool Tire Inflator is compatible for all-terrain automobiles, SUV's, ATV's, RV, Truck, Trailers. It’s 2017 model, available on the market since April 22, 2017.

 FamilyTool Tire Inflator - 12V Air Compressor Pump (2018 Model) - 150PSI - Portable And Easy To Use - Perfect For Car, Bike And Sporting Equipment By Automotive (150PSI V2)

12 Volt DC adapter will give you the possibility to plug into any external power source whether from your motor car or cigarette lighter socket. Modern components are available for the smaller price these days.

This feature is very useful and practical in everyday situation and you will find it in Digital LCD Display Gauge.

The whole package comes with 3 different nozzle types. Even if you don’t have the need to pump up your tires, you can always find something else that needs to be fixed – air beds, balls, pool, bicycle tires.

Presta bike valve, inflatable / low flow adapter and sports ball needle adaptor work on sporting equipment, bicycles, camping mattresses and other inflatables

Some extra features are standard flashlight, red flashlight and emergency red light flashing mode is a feature that can save your life in so many situations.

If you go for this tire inflator don’t expect a long period use. This model is very good if your job doesn’t require everyday use. In that case, you might expect some error from time to time.

Tire Inflator - 12V Air Compressor Pump - Portable And Easy To Use - Perfect For Car, Bike And Sporting Equipment By FamilyTool Automotive


  • DC adapter
  • Digital LCD Display Gauge
  • Extra features
  • check
    3 different nozzles


    • Not for long term use

Intex Quick-Fill AC Electric Air Pump

With this 120V AC power and 21.2 CFM this electric air pump you don’t have to worry about inflating your king size airbed because it will fill up even bigger objects very fast and leave them firm and still for a long time period.

When purchasing this model you’ll get 3 nozzle types – now you can inflate bigger objects and, at the same time many different sizes!

Intex Quick-Fill AC Electric Air Pump, 110-120 Volt with 3 interconnecting nozzles with hose

Cord length is 71 inches. This feature is fine comparing to some other air pumps with much shorter cord length. You should always go for longer cord if you can. It will give you a lot more working space.

Unfortunately, this model comes without battery. Even this air pump is portable, it doesn’t have a battery, so you’ll always have to be somewhere around your power supply, probably your generator. When it comes to electricity, this model is AC current.

Most of the modern electronic devices are made with DC current nowadays. Since AC is able to convert voltage level with a single component it was chosen as the primary options to transmit electrical power for long distances.

Intex Quick-Fill AC Electric Air Pump - Thermo protector incorporated for safety


  • Power
  • 3 nozzle types
  • Cord length 71 inches


    • Comes without battery
    • AC current

Coleman QuickPump

The name says it all – light and quick to use in everyday situations. Coleman QuickPump is the best for camping and traveling since it can be powered by a battery and you’re not depending on your car battery because any 12V battery can run the pump.

It’s portable and easy to carry. It’s powered by lithium pack battery so you’re not depending on any external source. Inflating time takes about 80 seconds especially when it comes to a regular air mattress. The great feature is fast and easy deflating and inflating.

There are just a few minor drawbacks. The first is the fact it’s low power. Considering this is a portable air pump, this is to be expected. Takes about 10 hours to fully recharge so if you let your battery run out, you’ll have to wait for another 10 hours to use it again. This model makes a lot of noise, so you need to be prepared for that one.

Coleman QuickPump - Inflate a queen double high airbed in just 3 minutes


  • Portable – easy to carry
  • Powered by battery
  • Inflating time takes about 80 seconds
  • check
    Lithium pack battery
  • check
    Fast and easy deflating


    • Somewhat noisy
    • Low power
    • Takes 10 hours to fully recharge

OKPOW Electric Portable Air Pump

This Air Pump has many features. With this pump you have the option to use 3 different nozzle types with 2cm, 1.5 cm, and 0.5cm diameter. It has the ability to change nozzles will give you the option to inflate many different objects, like beds, swimming pools, balls, balloons, boats.

This portable electric pump comes with one air pump, 1 DC12V car plug, 1 AC100-240V indoor plug, three different nozzles and, of course, the manual.

OKPOW Electric Portable Air Pump 110V AC/12V DC Quick-Fill Air Pump for Inflatables Air Mattress Raft Bed Boat Pool Toy

OKPOW Electric Portable Air Pump is compact with car 12V power supply. This feature is something you should prefer because it gives you the freedom to use it as a portable machine anywhere in outdoors.

When it comes to design, this air pump is portable and light – perfect for any kind a traveling, camping or for any kind an outdoor use. If you want to inflate full air bed mattress it takes around two minutes to inflate and the CFM is 15.9.

On the other hand, this model contains a very short cord so you won’t be able to use it far from your power supply because the cables are very short. This means that you’ll have to park near your objects or to bring them to your power supply, probably your car.

This small portable air pump will make you a lot of noise and, unfortunately, you’ll have to stick with it.

OKPOW Electric Portable Air Pump - Fill Air Pump for Inflatables Air Mattress Raft Bed Boat Pool Toy


  • Many different usages
  • Full package
  • Electrical power
  • check
    Portable and light
  • check
    CFM 15.9 power feature


    • Short cord
    • Lots of noise

How to Choose the Best Air Pump for Inflatables

Depending on your needs there are a few different choices that you can make. If you need the air pump for your home – mattresses, smaller swimming pools, you can always use the standard electric air pump that can hook up to any standard wall outlet.

On the other hand, if you need it for your job or for traveling or camping, it’s recommended to use a portable air pump. If this is the case, you need to consider the battery or rechargeable version.

Nozzle Type

Raniaco 12V DC 150PSI Portable Electric Auto Air Compressor Pump

​Here’s the tricky part – you need to make sure the nozzle of your air pump is compatible with the valve on whatever it is you’re inflating. The nozzle always has an enclosed chamber or pipe which helps to direct the fluid flow.

When choosing your air pump, you need to decide between automatic or manual nozzle type. There are few types to consider:

  • Jet – this type of nozzle uses liquid, steam or gas as working fluid and is designed to convert the potential energy into kinetic energy.
  • High velocity – this type of nozzle is often used in fire protection and its goal is the possibility to increase the kinetic energy.
  • Spray nozzles - such as atomizer nozzles, air-aspirating nozzle, and swirl nozzles

Electric of Traditional

Today living in the 21st Century gives you the opportunity to live easier and smarter. So, why would you make your job even harder by using a manual air pump? Electric is just fun and will save your time in so many situations.

Power& Air Flow

When using air pumps for your inflatables you’ll probably look for something that will save your energy and low your costs. This is especially required when you’re using it every day on your work or even in your home for your private needs.

On the other side, if you’re going on camping and you need to inflate your boat you’ll most likely use portable air pump which works on batteries. In this case, your first need will be to save your battery’s life and prolong the possibility to use your inflatables for a longer period.

There are air pumps with lots of different wattage and power, but there is also some basic wattage you’ll probably want to know when buying an air pump for your inflatables.

Air pump with 480 Watt is one of the basic. You might think that this is low energy level for your needs and that this pump can’t really satisfy your needs. But, you might be wrong.

These kind a pump are usually with 110V-120V / 60HZ 4.2A input and they are made for small to medium large size inflatables. The next air pump with medium large energy will give you the opportunity to inflate your desired objects using 680 Watt with 110C-120V AC / 60 HZ 6.2A input.

Considering the power rating, this air blower is made with the power rating of 1.0 horsepower. Designed for medium to large inflatable objects, this machine will save your energy and your time

At the same time, if your desire is to save your time as much as you can you’ll probably use the air pump with bigger wattage. Air pumps with 950 Wattage and 1.25 Horsepower will give you the best results.

With 110V-120V AC / 60HZ 8.7A input these pumps are designed for larger inflatable object or constructions.

Power Supply

When it comes to power supply, you can choose between two different options – external power source or battery-operated. Which one can be a better solution for your needs?

There are few circumstances you’ll probably want to consider. The first one is your location. If you’re outdoors and with no ability for external power supply, you will have to choose a battery-operated air pump. In this case, you should go for stronger and long lasting battery.

On the other hand, if this is your everyday job and you need to have an open and external power source, the best solution is air pump with these features. This way you won’t be limited in any way and you’ll be completely sure that your plans are secured.

The best choice is to find the best deal and buy an air pump for your inflatables with combined features – the time will save your energy and you’ll be able to enjoy your time while camping, working or just enjoying while traveling.


best air pump for inflatables-Kensun AC/DC adaptable. Digital pressure gauge with LCD display and unit conversion

This refers to whether the pump just pumps out air or if it sucks it in as well – in other words, whether you’re able to change the direction of the airflow. Seeing as in most cases you’ll want to deflate whatever it is you have inflated, always go for an air pump that can do both – more often than not, they’ll be designated as 2-in-1 or something to that effect.

Weight and Size

This feature is very important in many cases. Weight and size can be crucial when you’re going on holiday, driving, riding a bike. When it comes to this situations, the best solution for your comfort and safety is to buy a portable 12 Volt air compressor.

Also, the weight of this portable version is important because in situations like traveling the last you that you need are another additional weight. If you’re looking for the lightest version, you should consider the portable air pumps that are powered by electricity and act like power bank – the best solution when riding a bike for bigger distances.

These portable air pumps can be powered by electricity or by petrol. Some of them can even have a capacity of 3.5 gallons and still weigh much less than other alternatives with 2.6 gallons and approximately around 60 pounds.


After reviewing all these models, we must say that Kensun AC/DC Rapid Performance Portable Air Compressor wins the game. First of all, it’s AC/DC adaptable which can be very useful in many situations. It has all the necessary modern technology like LCD display, flashlight, and emergency red light.

A maximum measure of 100 PSI will give you 30 minutes additional time and the possibility to inflate a different kind of inflate objects – starting from car and bike tires to some delicate objects like air beds, pools, etc.

Comparing to other models, by purchasing this one you will get every feature by one price. That’s even better because you don’t have to worry about anything else missing.

So, do you think we covered everything, or is there a better product we missed out on? If so, be sure to tell us down in the comments.

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