• 7075 light and sturdy: an ultra-light, three-sided, high-strength 7075 aluminum alloy pile, which has enough grip area to firmly fix your tent on the ground. The 7075 aluminum alloy is lighter than other metal materials, it will not give Your packaging adds unnecessary weight and you won't even think they are in your backpack.
  • Long enough length: we have 7 inches long - it allows the tent to be nailed into the deeper ground, better to stabilize your tent without being blown down by the wind and rain
  • Reliable design:Our aluminum tent nails are designed to penetrate and secure securely under a variety of soil conditions. Our tent nails can also be adapted to soft ground, such as soft ground such as snow.
  • Reliable hardness:Nothing is more difficult to find than pulling out your old tent nails. They are all curved and wrongly shaped. With my triangular ground pile, you don't have to worry about this! It's better and stronger won't let you deform and damage during use.
  • User-friendly design: In each package, we include 12Tent Piles and a bag with a drawstring for easy storage in your travel gear