• REMARKABLE RESULTS! If you've been looking for a camping pillow that's ultra-soft, extra comfortable, and just ideal for your back and neck issues, then you’ve just found the real deal. That's because our camp pillow is firm, ergonomic, and orthopedic, thereby offering great support for your neck and spine. What this really means is that you will never wake up with headaches, neck pain, shoulder, or back pain – no matter if you're a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper.
  • UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE! Our pillow uses only high-quality, Class-A Polyurethane shredded memory foam, which means it is guaranteed to retain its shape for at least 3 years. What this really means is that our camping pillow doesn't get lumpy or flat like other pillows. You will finally have a pillow to keep your head at the perfect height throughout the night, for years to come.
  • FUNCTIONAL & PRACTICAL! Because our pillow is fully adjustable, you can easily remove or add more memory foam to it. You can tailor the thickness and amount of support to perfectly fit your anatomy and sleeping position. The removable zipper bamboo cover is very easy to clean. Simply throw it in the washing machine after each camping trip to clean it.
  • 100% GUARANTEED! This Outbright outdoor traveling pillow is Certi-PUR-US and OEKO-TEX certified, which means it is free from toxic chemicals. There is no toxic smell (like so many other pillows) and you don't have to worry about toxic chemicals harming your health. The included lavender sachet gives it a subtle, fresh, and relaxing fragrance, which helps you sleep like a baby and wake up fully rested.
  • TOP-RATED! Why Do our customers love the Outbright Bamboo Camping Travel Pillow? It's simple. This pillow is the best choice for any active traveler or family because it is fully adjustable, hypoallergenic, ultralight, and surprisingly compact (it compresses to 12"x6" in its lightweight travel bag). You can simply pack it in your backpack or travel case without using up much space. Simply take it with you when you're camping, backpacking, hiking, at the beach, on the plane, or in your car.