• LEKI's PREMIER FOLDING CARBON ADJUSTABLE TRAVEL SIZE WALKING CANE- Ultralight carbon shafts with user friendly extension and length adjustment locks make this single staff one of elegant design and function for the traveler.
  • ULTRALIGHT 100% HIGH MODULUS CARBON FIBER SHAFTS- With a touch of the External Locking Device (ELD) this travel cane folds down to a scant 38cm packed length and provides a locked and extended user adjustment range of 85-100cm. Weighing only 227g
  • FOLDING ADJUSTABLE LENGTH CANE SINGLE STAFF- LEKI's SpeedLock 2, the length adjustment lock, provides the maximum holding power for preventing accidental pole length collapse. A simple round dial increases or decreases clamp tension and the lever simply locks the desired length into place.
  • AERGOMED GRIP PROVIDES SURFACE AREA COMFORT FOR HAND, PALM AND FINGERS- LEKI's AergoMed grip, with hollow shell cavity and large surface area, provides a seemless and smooth surface for all day comfort and load distribution across hand, palm and fingers.
  • RUBBER TIP, MICRO BASKET AND CARBIDE FLEXTIP- LEKI'S Trekking Rubber Walking Tip provides a sure-footed bite on hard surfaces, remove it and beneath is the Carbide Flextip which is ideal for off-roading and trail hiking. Micro basket helps reduce pole shaft leverage when mistakenly placed in tight restrictions.