• 1.Strong adaptability: tent stakes suitable for all kinds of camping tents, family tents, pop up tents, beach tents, sun shelters, backpacking tents, hiking tents, mountain tents, travelling tents, shower tents.
  • 2.Visible reflective rope: tent peg is equipped with a reflective rope, the rope will reflect light at night, and you will not be tripped by the tent nail when you walk;
  • 3.Design: tent stakes are inserted into the ground on three sides, which will have better grip and better fix the tent;
  • 4.Lightweight: Ultra-light aluminum camping tent nails, each weighing only 10g, are light and portable.
  • 5.Moderate size: Each camping tent peg is only 7.09 inches, and it is stored in the backpack bag, which only takes up a very small space in your backpack;
  • 6.Durable: Type 7075 aluminum camping tent stakes are harder and more durable than ordinary aluminum tent pegs. When used, the tent peg is at an angle of 60° with the ground, but it cannot be used as a steel tent peg.