• Specifications: size: length 165 mm, thickness: about 1 mm, weight (about): 14g/each, super light for easy packing. Note: manual measurement ±5mm/5g.
  • Material: Made of high quality titanium alloy, it has ultralight, never rust, acid resistance, alkali resistance and scratch resistance. The pegs are about 6.5 inches long and can hold your tent firmly on the ground. It is also rustproof and can withstand all wet conditions.
  • V-shaped and 8 holes Design: The tent peg's body with optimized design and has 8 holes, which not only makes it lighter, but also increases friction and enough holding power on ground. There is a non-slip hook near the head.
  • Applications: Great for soft ground, especially on sandy beaches. Ideal for lawns, riverbanks, gardens, etc. With a peg rope, it is easy to attach to the tent and pull it out. Ideal for fixing tents in camping and mountain climbing!
  • Cautions:This product is an outdoor product (camping equipment). Never use it as a self-defense weapon or weapon. Keep out of the reach of children when not in use.