• HEAVY-DUTY = HIGH QUALITY = DURABILITY - Our heavy-duty reversible patio & RV mats are made of 100% Virgin Polypropylene tightly woven and treated with the best UV-stabilizer on the market to prevent sun damage and color fading. Don’t be fooled by other light-weight, low-quality mats on the market. In this case, HEAVIER WEIGHT = HIGHER QUALITY = DURABILITY. These mats will last for years to come.
  • 2 DESIGNS, 1 LOW PRICE, & MORE COMFORT – Need a design change? Our mats are reversible with 2 complimentary designs for 1 low price. The mats are textured to provide traction and prevent slipping and very comfortable to walk on
  • MORE OPTIONS – Our mats come in 2 colors: Brown & Grey and 3 sizes: 9ft. x 6fts (6lbs); 9ft. x 12ft. (12lbs); 9ft. x 18ft (16lbs). HEAVIER WEIGHT = HIGHER QUALITY.
  • MULTI PURPOSE & PORTABLE – The edges of our mats are treated with heat gun and are sewn with colorful bands with nylon loop at each corner that can be tied down to the ground with stakes (included). They can be folded and put in carrying/storage bag (included) for RV trips, picnics in the park, camping adventures or creating a backyard living space to enjoy with family and friends. They can also be used indoors as well.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE – Our mats are breathable and easy to clean. Just sweep away dirty or hose off with water. The plastic material won’t hold water and won’t damage grass or rot wooden decks.