• 【OFFERING A BALANCE OF COMFORT AND WEIGHT】: The stretch-knit fabric delivers unrivaled next-to-skin feel despite its lightweight. Weighing only 3.4 ounces, this camping pillow can expand to 17.7” x 13.0”. When it not in use, it condenses to about the size of one pair of balled socks!
  • 【NO MORE SLIDING】: With the help of a micro-thin embossed design on the top and the reliable elastic cord on the bottom, even for people who like having a hand underneath the pillow during the night, there is no need to worry about the annoying sliding out pillow will disturb your sleep!
  • 【IDEAL FOR VARIOUS SLEEPING STYLES】: You only need 3-5 breaths to inflate the pillow. Also, the durable but stretchy material makes it possible to adjust the firmness to accommodate back, side and stomach sleeper. To soften it, just open the valve and press the button.
  • 【ERGONOMIC AND SUPPORTIVE DESIGN】: The pillow has curved central baffles to provide a good level of head support and cradle your head comfortably. The scalloped bottom ensures that the head sinks in the middle.
  • 【BRING THIS PILLOW ALONG FOR YOUR ADVENTURE】: For some terrain where extra height is needed, you can even use the elastic cord to hold a few pieces of clothes! From car to flight to backcountry camping, bring this pillow and make your night restful.