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Gigacamping.com providing knowledge, skills, and equipment recommendations for camping, and outdoor adventures. We make gear reviews, and in-depth trip guides to make camping, and outdoor activities easier for everyone. Our Resource Center: https://gigacamping.com

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I am William is the Founder of Gigacamping, edits and contributes to much of the content, and oversees everyday operations. Growing up in Wisconsin, My’s family always made spending time outdoors a priority. In 2016, on my first camping trip to Goat Rocks Wilderness in Washington. It was there that I was introduced to the second love of my life, outdoors activities. I live in Monroe, New York now, with my wife and two daughters.

Our Mission

As an adventurist or outdoor camper, how often have you at your wits’ end in selecting out-of-doors camping kit that’ll outlast its usual expiry date? Or, has it ever happened that you bought a gear that didn’t even last two winters? We’ve been through both the aforementioned situations but we’ll spare you the trouble of having to read those rigmaroles here as I’ve saved these for my site.
We hosted the outdoor camping gears site with a single-point agenda and that is to post riveting open-air camping gear or kit reviews. We sincerely hope that our website posts and reviews will go a long way in helping campers, adventurists, trekkers, and hikers, and everybody else who’s passionate about spending time outdoors, to choose the appropriate items according to the parameters of budget, preferences, and needs. The forte of all our reviews is that we make it a point to present a comparative analysis of at least 3-4 products of the same genre under specific standard parameters.
We follow a rigorous procedure before we feel confident enough to pen a no-frills, honest review.
1. We do not believe in heeding by customers’ testimonials and manufacturers’ own evaluation. We trust our own instincts more than anything.
2. So that we are able to offer a realistic analysis, we purchase 3-4 of the top-rated items and use them in actual conditions. This helps me to maintain complete objectivity without getting biased or subjective.
3. We also have connections with laboratories that undertake to put the products under stringent quality control tests.
4. Rankings are accorded to each and every product category that is reviewed and with a reasonable explanation as to why a particular product achieved a specific rank.
5. The top-notch product is selected for all listed categories.
6. The reviews are published across a range of manufacturers and outdoor gear reviewers’ sites.
The reviewing mechanism gets off with a choosing-we glance through umpteen items in a particular category, for instance, hammocks, tent, etc, and shortlist 5-6 brands (depends upon the number of products glanced through). We purchase these listed items for meticulous practical testing. So that the scores or marks can be assigned objectively and without partiality, standardized lab test series are formulated for each and every category. These tests help in enumerating the significant differences amongst competing items.
Additionally, every product in a particular category or listing is also made to go through stringent field tests where the same is used and/or misused to the maximum. Both the indoor and outdoor trials are instrumental in helping me to have a concrete idea about a specific product’s durability and toughness. The field tests are conducted across mountains, river valleys, meadows, forests, and other topographical terrains.
We select the backpackers, trail runners, hikers, surfers, trekkers, skiers, mountaineers, and campers from our own circle of friends and acquaintances. We can count on our near and dear ones’ reports as we’ve known them for quite some time now. Most of these outdoor adventurists are professional guides with years of camping experience under their belt.
Closing up, we want to reiterate that I keep posting our reviews with the avowed objective that these writings will help you zero in on the most superlative product as per your preferences, needs, and budget.